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There are a wide variety of antiques and collectibles available on the web. But it takes perseverance and patience to find your desired antiques. But it can be quite rewarding once you know what & where to look. Now you can buy any antiques, like antique furniture from the online seller like eBay, Best Buy etc. It is less exhausting than roaming around the shop to shop. In addition to that, you will have a much better chance of finding that particular antique piece of yours. Antiques can infuse warmth and personal style for a home.

antiques and collectibles

What are antiques and collectibles?

Antique is a Latin word which means “old” or “ancient.” A collectible object such as a work of art or a piece of furniture that has a high value because of its considerable age is called antique. Antiques are collected or desired because of their age, beauty, rarity, personal emotional connection, utility or other unique features. An antique is an object that represents a previous era or period in human society.

Collectibles can be any popular item, no matter the age. Some collectibles may be Vintage, and others are antique. Collectible items which are at least 100 years old are also called antique. Vintage goods are younger than that, generally at least 20 years old.

Why buy antiques and collectibles?

antiques and collectibles buying guide

Antiques and collectibles can infuse a home with warmth and personal style. Here are a few more reasons to welcome antiques into your home:

  • Antique furniture is very well made; mostly made by hand. If it has lasted this long, it will likely withstand the daily grind of modern life.
  • Unlike most new furniture, which decreases in value over time, your antique purchases will hold their value. Well-cared antiques go up in value over time.
  • Antiques are trend-proof. While antique pieces are less likely to be super trendy, they are also less likely ever to be completely untrendy.
  • Antique furniture was built to last; expect to find better materials and higher-quality construction than in new mass-produced furniture.
  • Antiques have character, patina and a sense of history.
  • While prices rise and fall, antiques are a sound investment over the long haul.

Buying Guide for Antiques and Collectibles:

In this buying guide, you will learn what type of antiques you should collect to decorate your home. There are various categories of antiques you can find in the market. For your convenience, we have described the most appealing categories below. 

Architectural & Garden

Architectural and Garden

For an attractive antique garden décor, you can choose from rusted garden tools, old tea kettles, tin signs, or Americana-inspired artwork. To bring a primitive feel to the garden, you can install antique birdcages and birdhouses, antique shutters, old wooden or wrought iron gates, wheelbarrows, wagon wheels, etc. These are very common architectural antiques. If you are searching for some extraordinary things, you should find primitive plant containers including whiskey barrels, old toy wagons, galvanized tubs, or wooden boxes.

Asian Antiques

Asian Antiques

For collecting Asian antiques, you should look for rare, distinctive pieces with an intricate design. You should consider the condition of the product as well as the prominence of the artist. You can seek out precious materials, such as jade, silver, bronze, and porcelain as well as decorative items like bowls, plates, statues, pots, vases, paintings, and jewelry.

If you are eager to collecting jade, consider smaller pendants, snuff bottles, and carvings. These are often worth more than the larger pieces. Before buying anything, you should seek the advice of seasoned collectors, and study reference materials to get an idea of which items have the most value and which artists to look for.

Decorative Arts

Decorative Arts

Try to give your home a touch of vintage taste with some antique decorative art. You should choose a variety of decorative ceramics and porcelain pieces, like Demi Tasse teacups, fanciful figurines, and floral bowls. You can even choose antique candle holders made of hand-painted porcelain or candlestick holders.

As a gift to the friend or family member, you can buy delicately decorated salt and pepper shakers, or a beautiful baroque vase with hand-painted Japanese blossoms, or a lavishly gilded tea set. Just don’t settle for any piece of antique art because your empty place deserves more. Fill up your bare walls with an ornate mirror set, or hang a Victorian-themed frame with a famous painting inside.


antique furniture

Antique furniture is typically at least 100 years old. You should choose furniture with a functional purpose such as sofas, chairs, tables, etc. You can also choose furniture which acts as storage, such as armoires, dressers, and bookcases.

Whatever the purpose is, adding antique furniture to your home can give your décor a unique touch of class that you can’t find from almost anything else. You should choose according to your preference. It can be oak, cherry, maple, iron, or several other options. You can also choose from a plethora of styles that include Art Deco, Victorian, Queen Anne, and much more.

Home & Hearth Antiques

Home and Hearth Antiques

A beautiful mantel can infuse your home or hearth with a warm atmosphere. You should choose them with a different category for a different season. For the fall and winter holidays, pick cattails, greenery, and gingham bows.

The rest of the year, try layering a variety of framed photos in several sizes. Or you can flank a large mirror with short and tall candles. Try to keep additional accessories including antique clocks, trivet, live plants, vintage hourglasses or other favorite knickknacks.

Model Ships & Maritime Memorabilia

Model Ships and Maritime Memorabilia

If you love maritime antiques, you should focus on equipment from ships, such as clocks, compasses, wheels, harpoons, and anchors. You should set your focus on specific types of vessels such as vintage Seifert boats or racing yachts, World War II vessels, etc.

You should familiarize yourself with the various design elements of authentic pieces so that you know what to look for. Set a budget for yourself & do not spend everything on a single piece. It will allow you to grow your collection over time. For getting the value and display purpose, pay close attention to the condition of the pieces you have.

If you are going to evaluate a model ship, try to see if it accurately represents the life-sized ship. You should also take note on any indicators of poor condition or design flaws. Study the materials and accessories the model ship features, as well as its hull construction and symmetry. You should also evaluate the ship’s rigging to ensure that all of the parts and pieces are placed authentically with appropriate knots.

Silver Antiques

Silver Antiques

Choosing the right piece of silver antiques involves researching its background. You should examine its origin and the current value for determining its authenticity. You should also assess if there is any damage. A Pro-collector will also look for a monogram because a monogram will reveal its historical significance & increase the value.

Silver antiques develop a desirable patina over time as silver begins to turn a light golden color. Fine silver has a purity of .999. Silver plate is a famous type of silver with a lesser degree of purity. Silver plated antiques are constructed of base metal and then coated with a thin outer layer of silver.

Final Word

Whether you are curious about buying antiques or are a seasoned antique lover, this buying guide will help you a bit. Another great way to get hands-on knowledge is to visit good antique shops, auctions, and fairs. You will find a pile of things there to buy like vintage antique furniture, Linens, Textiles, miniature antiques, books and magazines, China, etc.

And now you can buy all these antiques and collectibles from your home with less hassle. If you want to buy help on other products, check out the best digital camera buying guide.

Here is a video about antiques and collectibles that online buyer’s love-

Are you an antique furniture collector or possess any architectural antiques? How do you assess them & take care of them? Do you agree with our buying guide? Let us know through the comments below.

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