11 Best In-Ear Headphones Under 50 Dollars

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(Last Updated On: November 12, 2018)

We all love music, and we all need headphones. Headphones have been a huge part of our lives since the advent of the Walkman. Whether you are on your way to work or working out or just in your bed, odds are you are using a pair of headphones for videos and music. They can be a great gift to someone or to one’s self. Here are 11 best in-ear headphones under 50 dollars. All of the models on the list are durable and provide great sound quality. In quality, they can go head to head with IEM’s(In-Ear Monitors) that are 2-3 times more expensive.

Best Cheap 11 Best In-Ear Headphones Under 50 Dollars

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Here is our list for 11 Best in-ear headphones under 50 dollars:

SoundMAGIC E10 Noise Isolating In-Ear Earphones (Gunmetal)


Best cheap in-ear headphones under 50 SoundMAGIC E10 Noise Isolating In-Ear Earphones (Gunmetal)
Arguably the best in-ear headphone on this list. The SoundMagic E10 has quality build, is very comfy on the ears and has clear sound with a good amount bass for the average listener. The sound is clean and balanced.

The only drawbacks I could come up with are that it has no line control and the bass is a bit low for bass heads like me. Otherwise, the light casing is superb for hours and hours of use. The design itself is elegant. You can spot the metal casing immediately and you will notice that it does not feel like a cheap headphone.

The fit and sound isolation are amazing for its price. You will have great noise cancellation while being aware of your surroundings. This is great for using on the road in your morning runs. As soon as you find the perfect fit for your ears and the perfect position the experience will be elevated. An award-winning headphone for its class. You cannot go wrong with this set of earbuds.

Features :

  • Unique, all metal earphone construction
  • Balanced bass with superb musical detail & clarity
  • Frequency range: 15Hz~22KHz
  • Driver: Dynamics 10mm Neodymium Driver
  • Sensitivity: 1002dB at 1KHz/mW

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Brainwavz S0

Best Cheap in-ear headphones under 50 Brainwavz S0


Brainwavz has been churning out great budget in-ear headphones for a long time. The S0 model is a great example of that. The design has a premium feel and it has a metal casing. It is sleek and light. The headphones are strong enough to survive your daily routine.

There will be no comfort issues for your because of their light design and fit solution. The headphones come with a package of a variety of selections for the tips. You can pick and choose from good ear tips like S-400 premium ear tips. Selecting a good pair of ear tip for your headphones goes a long way to ensure the Isolation of your music and the background.

The S0 model comes with line controls. Changing music won’t require you to bring out your phone. The sound quality is great on this budget earbud. It’s cleaner and crisper than previous Brainwavz models and it has a more prominent mid-bass. So if you are a bass head then you might wanna check them out. They may be the best in-ear headphones for you.

Features :

  • Drivers: Dynamic, 9 mm
  • Rated Impedance: 16 Ω
  • Frequency Range: 18 Hz ~ 18 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 100 dB at 1 mW
  • Rated Input Power: 10 mW

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Symphonized NRG 3.0 Earbuds

best in ear headphones under 50 Symphonized NRG 3.0

Our next entry is the Symphonized NRG 3.0 Earbuds. Made by a relatively unknown company called Symphonized. The company is garnering a lot of attention because of this model. The product has a rustic design, giving you a vintage looking headphone.

The casing for the earbuds is of wood. Wood has acoustic abilities. Which is why they are used in musical instruments. The use of wood gives the music an unique signature. I personally like the sound output. The headphones are great for mid-range tones and the wood gives the bass a rich and well-rounded context. So if you want an in-ear headphone with a richer well-rounded sound and a vintage flavor, this headphone is for you.

Features :

  • 6 Pairs of Customer Fit Silicone Tips – In small, medium, and large for a smooth, comfortable fit.
  • Built-in Mic & Controls – Skip tracks, activate Voice Control and respond to phone calls
  • Pure & Powerful – Crisp acoustics, deep bass and zero breakage at every volume level.
  • Gold Plated 3.5mm Jack – Provides a stronger sound connection without leakage.
  • ​Volume Control – For faster, easier access to your device.

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 Brainwavz Delta

best in ear headphones under 50 Brainwavz Delta
Most probably the best in-ear headphone for its price range. The Brainwavz  Delta is the best delivering great sound quality at a fraction of the price. A headphone you can never go wrong with. It comes with a metal casing providing with a chic metallic outlook.

The package comes with four extra earbud tips who provide adequate isolation. They also come with a comply s400 foam tips which would give you the best output. We recommend you get a triple flange premium tip for optimized performance.

The headphone is durable due to its metallic build. It’s not the lightest but it really doesn’t affect you in any way. Music quality is where the Delta shines the best. Providing great mids and highs with superb emphasis. The bass is not “boomy” like most in this price range. It is the best in-ear headphone in its class. And overall a great headphone solution for you.

Features :

  • Supports Apple iOS & Android Products
  • Phone Call Control
  • Audio Player Control
  • Supports TRRS Connector
  • Balanced bass

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Easy KZ ZST Hybrid

best in ear headphones under 50 Easy KZ ZST

The KZ ZST is an amazing in-ear headphone. And in my opinion a steal for its price. If you are like me and have exhausted your resources in finding the best cheap solution for your musical need, then this is for you. It isn’t specialized in one department. It will not give you a very prominent bass or a flat sound. You can call it a jack of all trades. It delivers all the aspects perfectly and no aspect is overpowering.

The fitting, isolation, and comfort are not exceptional but good enough for the price. But if you can get a pair of comfy tips you will vastly improve your experience. The KZ ZST is not built like a tank but is durable enough for regular use but, caution is advised. The detachable wire feature helps a lot in ensuring the headphone lasts.

For the best musical experience, you need to hook it up with an amp or a good MP3 player. Smartphones will do a good job but they are not able to reach this model’s high limits of performance. There are two versions, one with mic and one without. Make sure to choose your preferred set of the best in-ear headphone experience you can have under 50 dollars.

Features :

  • Driver unit: Dynamic and balance armature
  • Driver Diameter:10mm dynamic
  • Impedance: 18ohm
  • Sensitivity: 106dB/mW
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20000Hz

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Betron YSM1000

best in ear headphones under 50 Betron YSM1000

If you are a bass head, then boy do we have the headphone for you. The Betron YSM1000, in my opinion, is the best in-ear bass experience under 50 dollars. Passive noise isolation is above average with the right ear tips. But the sound, that is the best aspect of this model.

The design is a bit bulky and slightly heavy but for this price, it is very good. Durability is good as well for the price with rubbery wires being able to withstand the basic rigors of daily use. The headphones come with line control and mic but to be honest you should get it for the bass. It gives huge bass output sometimes overpowering the highs and the mids. A perfect headphone for any bass head.

Features :

  • Strong Stereo, Bass Driven Sound. YSM1000 Headphones provides Powerful bass enhanced sound with superb musical detail.
  • Ideal for use will all MP3, iPod, iPhone, DVD, and CD players, and portable gaming systems
  • In-ear sound isolating design to hear your music without interruption. Metal Earphones with a pleasing design
  • Big brand quality rivaling much more expensive earphones. 24k Gold Plated 3.5mm Jack for Optimum Performance
  • Enjoy the ultimate in style, comfort and listening pleasure with the earbuds

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Koss The Plug In-Ear Headphones

best in ear headphones under 50 Koss The Plug The Plug In-Ear Headphones

Koss brings you the best in-ear headphone noise isolation at its price range. If you can find the best tip for it then it will change your experience completely. Noise leakage both in and out becomes non-existent.

It might need a little bit of getting used to for experiencing optimum comfort but its worth the trouble. The sound is very clear and it hits the highs and mids perfectly with good bass cover. It’s pretty durable for a headphone this cheap. There are no line control or mic but for a bass head, this is a fantastic choice. Just one warning, Look out for the traffic!

Features :

  • Noise isolating in-ear headphones.Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Memory foam ear cushions
  • In-ear headphones expand for custom comfort
  • Additional soft foam ear cushions included
  • Koss Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Monoprice Enhanced Bass Hi-Fi Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphones

best in ear headphones under 50 Monoprice Enhanced Bass Hi-Fi Noise Isolating Earbuds Headphones

I won’t beat around the bush and say it upfront. This Monoprice headphone is not the best looking or has the best comfort but what I can guarantee is that it will provide you with a great sound experience. It is amazing, the quality of sound it provides at this price.

The bass comes through fantastically the highs and mids are clear as day. Noise isolation is good enough for its price. And the durability is above average, to be honest. The output from this headphone will compete with headphones that are 5 times its price.

Features :

  • Featured in 4 Stylish Colors for pairing with your favorite electronic device
  • Easy-Fit Design for Comfort and Fit 3.5 mm plug
  • 1 Pair of Soft Earbuds Including 1 Year Limited Warranty Parts and Labor
  • Huge Drive Unit – Diameter 14.2mm Delivers a Full and Rich Sound
  • Impedance (ohm/1kHz) – 32

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hoco. M36

best in ear headphones under 50 hoco. M36

Now, the hoco. M36 isn’t the best in-ear headphones on this list but it is good. Much better than many in its price range and better than some more expensive ones. The only problem you might face with this product is with the tips.

The ear tips are pretty much your cheap run of the mill ear tips, they come with 3 pairs, S, M & L sizes. If you are using them as a backup headphone it’s amazing. But, if you want to use the hoco. M36 as your primary choice than I suggest you get premium tips.

You might have problems with the fit for the headphones, but what you won’t have a problem with is the sound quality. This budget in-ear headphone provides clear highs and mids and the bass is clean. If you can find the best fit then the isolation is great as well.

Features :

  • HI-Fi Stereo Sound & Deep Bass: The earbuds are brilliantly engineered with two powerful 8mm+6mm dynamic drivers, natural and well-balanced stereo basses. High-quality audio signal transmission creates a real listening experience like a live concert.
  • Waterproof Mic  & Volume Control: Enhanced control panel allows you to volume up & down, play, pause, switch to the next or previous songs easily. The built-in microphone offers you a crystal clear sound during a hands-free call.
  • Material: 1.2-meter wire, made of tough, durable TPE filament. The 90°angle connector design ensures elegance and convenience.
  • 3.5mm Earphone Jack: Compatible with Apple IOS and Android devices with 3.5mm jack, including but not limited to: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Samsung Galaxy series, Tablet, Laptop, PC, etc.
  • COMFORTABLE EARBUDS & ERGONOMICS EARHOOKS: With the specially designed ear-hooks. The package comes with 3 pairs of earplugs (S, M, L) for ears of different size.

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best in ear headphones under 50 Kz ATE

Kz always produces good in-ear headphones. If you want to listen to great music in a budget then this may be for you. The sound quality is great, it gets glowing reviews in every category especially the bass. The highs and mids are clear and the bass is punchy enough to knock your socks off. You can enjoy all the aspect of the music in clear detail something you cannot say for many of the same earphones in its class.

The seal is good and the package ear tips are great. These in-ear headphones provide great noise isolation and lets you enjoy the musical experience in its full potential. It takes a bit of time to get used to because it has an unusual over ear fit.

Durability is not bad for a headphone under 20 dollars but I do suggest caution as it has a plastic built. So should you buy this in-ear headphone? Well if you love great music quality and are a bass head then you can’t go wrong with this choice.

Features :

  • high-quality copper material driver unit, have an accurate resolution than an ordinary driver. Sound performance is clear treble exquisite vocals and heavy bass.
  • This sports headphone with an HD microphone, have a better sound quality, cooperate to the CVC digital noise reduction technology, effectually reduce interference of the background sounds. To make clear calls.
  • Gold-plated jack contact surface to prevent oxidation, reduces signal loss and provides better audio restoration. 32 core long cryogen oxygen-free copper cable, audio signal transmit losslessly. Perfectly restore the sound scene and rich details. The ED3 headphone with this high-end material to make the perfect stereo.
  • lighter, reducing the burden of wearing. The reasonable shape fit for most ears of people. Comfortable to wear for a long time, will not cause discomfort as ordinary in-ear headphone.
  • The headphone with better noise isolation, to prevent leakage of sound, the full enjoyment of the headphone sound

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best in ear headphones under 50 JVC HAFX5R

If you are searching for headphones, then you must know JVC. They have been creating quality listening devices for a long time. The JVC HAFX5R is no exception. You will find that even though it is a cheap model it gives you great bang for your buck.

The built is plastic and rubber but the quality is good enough for everyday use. Its comfort level is amazing, you won’t even notice the weight. The sound is great. Obviously, you won’t find complete sonic fidelity in this model but for its price, it delivers admirably. The V-Shaped sound delivers a great musical experience, at least for its price range.

You might think that the cheap model might have some wire-trouble or has sibilance, it’s not the case at all. This is a great headphone to have in your collection for its cheap price.


  • Inner ear design
  • 3 sets of silicone earpieces (S/M/L)
  • 3.3ft (1.0m) color cord
  • Soft rubber body for a comfortable fit
  • Gold-plated iPhone-compatible slim plug

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A Few Words

It’s not easy looking for a good pair of headphones. You need to make sure the comfort is good and the sound is great, and that its durable enough for you, and most of all if its worth the price. So here are our choices for the 11 best in-ear headphones under 50 dollars. The list provides you with a selection of great earphones with great performances.

If you are looking for more ideas on headphones, check out our blog on 10 Best Noise Canceling Headphones Under 100 Dollar.

Obviously, there are plenty of other brands and cheap models that are there. Here is a video of other great in-ear headphones all under 50 dollars.


Please let us know your thoughts on our picks. And comment your best headphone experience under 50 dollars.

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