10 Best Noise Canceling Headphones Under 100 Dollar 2019 Review

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(Last Updated On: January 14, 2019)

Headphones are a great way to isolate yourself from the world and enjoy peaceful & alone time with your music. Noise Canceling Headphones will help you cut the outside ambient noise and at the same time let you enjoy your music at low volume. This guide is about the top 10 best noise canceling headphones under 100 Dollar that are currently available in the market right now.best noise canceling headphones under 100

Take a glimpse at our list of best noise canceling headphones under 100 Dollar-

What is Noise Canceling and How It Works?

All the best noise canceling headphones under 100 Dollar uses microphones to know when ambient noise is present. The signal is sent to the dedicated electronics which creates direct opposite sound waves that go through the headphones to your ears and thus negate the original noise.

The technology behind noise canceling headphone has an advantage when you want to cancel out low-frequency noises while still hear human talk, street traffic or your crying baby. In other words, this technology is more suitable for people who want to let louder noise in while keeping the more constant and predictable ambient sound out.

Noise canceling is effective only at lower frequencies like the humming sound of a plane engine. This makes them the first choice for travelers as they need to hear what is going on around them while enjoying the illusion of a more peaceful environment.

The active noise-canceling headphones are the ideal solution for the best audio delivery and listening experience. Avoid the noisy surrounding and enjoy some peace.

They are also very useful for your baby. You can check our review on best noise canceling headphones for babies.

The best noise canceling headphones under 100 Dollar in 2019:

Monster Inspiration

Experience Monster sound with the incredible Monster Inspiration Over-Ear Headphone.
monster inspiration noise canceling headphone

These fashionable noise canceling headphones are engineered to deliver powerful and clear sound in high definition. It has a straight mini-to-mini cable for airplane listening.

The headphone of Monster Inspiration is also fully compatible with Skype.


  • Super-comfortable ear cushions for long trips
  • Active Noise Cancellation so you hear only the music
  • ControlTalk for Apple Inline Mic with controls for iPad iPhone iPod
  • Personalize your look through interchangeable headbands (additional headbands sold separately)
  • Includes travel case with two cables, one headband, and two AAA batteries

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This wireless Bluetooth Headphones can help you to disconnect from the world- literally & figuratively.


Escape the everyday noise with your favorite tune or audiobook anytime, anywhere. These advanced Headphones from BÖHM help you disconnect from your surroundings and from the headache of tangled wires.

The Bohm has the Active Noise Cancellation technology, which unlike passive noise isolating designs, actively cancels ambient noise for focused listening.


  • Advanced Bluetooth 4.0 with over a 33-Foot wireless range
  • Premium 40mm Stereo Drivers; Frequency Range: 20hz-20khz
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • 18-Hour Rechargeable Battery
  • Works seamlessly with Apple and Android devices

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Mpow H5

The Mpow H5 is one of the best noise canceling headphones under 100. This impressive model boasts 40mm dual drivers active noise cancelation technology. The H5 with its CVC6.0 Noise-Cancelling Mic is better than other cheap noise canceling headphones in terms of the mic. Musical experience from the H5 is quite immersive.

Mpow H5

It has Superior deep bass which makes gives it a pretty well-rounded performance score. You will be able to achieve a fantastic auditory experience even if you are out in the city. It does not eliminate human voices so you will be able to keep up with your company if you have any. This Mpow model features both comfort and durability.

The earphone was tested more than ten thousand times in its bending ability which makes sure the highest standard any model in its class can achieve.

H5 has unrivaled durability, and it has protein ear pads which provide you with excellent comfort. This coupled with many amazing features like the long-range 4.1 Bluetooth makes it a superb headphone you should consider looking into. An overall fantastic Bluetooth headphone and one of the best Best Noise Canceling Headphones Under 100 Dollars.


  • Active Noise Cancellation.
  • 25-30Hours playing time.
  • Foldable & Rotatable Design
  • HD and Hi-Fi Stereo Sound
  • 20dB denoising depth

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Bluedio T5

The T5 is the fifth generation of the turbine shock series. This headphone boasts four strengthened mics which provide you with immersive noise cancelation. The 57mm titanized drivers provide a rich, deep bass for your ears. Bluedio T5 has been made with soft anti-ear covered earmuffs which provide excellent comfort during prolonged use.

Bluedio T5

You can easily detach the earmuffs and re-install them if you need to. The T5 is not like other noise canceling headphones. It is a cheap noise canceling headphone but provides a hearty bang for your buck.

This Bluetooth headphone is filled with great features that you associate with high-end Bluetooth headphones — boasting a 25-hour playtime a Hands-free Call & Built-in Mic along with their latest Vector Flow Technology (VFT). We consider it to be one of the best noise canceling headphones under 100 — overall an excellent choice in cheap noise canceling headphones for you to consider.


  • Soft Anti-ear-covered Earmuffs & Rotating Earpads
  • Active Noise Cancelling with 4 Microphones
  • 57mm Fully Plating Titanium Drive Units
  • Bluetooth 4.2 New Chip
  • 25 Hours Music Time

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Cowin E-7

Cowin E-7 wireless headphones are engineered to sound better, be more comfortable and easier to take with you.

cowin E-7 wireless bluetooth noise proof headphones

Wearing this headphone makes your music deep, powerful & balanced, and so quiet that every note sounds clearer.

With Cowin E-7, even air travel becomes enjoyable with this, as engine roar gently fades away.


  • Significant noise reduction with Active Noise Cancelling technology
  • Proprietary 40mm large-aperture drivers
  • Lightweight & comfortable
  • On-Board Mic pulse remote for taking calls, volume control and switching up playlists
  • 30 hours playtime at Bluetooth mode
  • 18-month warranty

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Avantree ANC032

Avantree brings you the ANC032. This cheap noise canceling headphone boasts amazing features which set it apart from its competition. The active noise cancelation feature is fantastic on this model as it clears out engine sounds, metro noises, large crowds, etc. It has Superior sound high precision-engineered 40mm stereo drivers with advanced Bluetooth CSR chipset that delivers a smooth yet dynamic auditory experience.

Avantree ANC032

Made from ultra-light materials this Bluetooth model is lightweight and has foldable ear muffs. Making the ANC032 a perfect travel companion for you. These are not the only features that make this Avantree model one of the best noise canceling headphones. It also has “fast stream” with no lip-sync delay for lag-free gaming and musical experience.

You also have all the controls on the headphone itself, which means you can make calls, choose music tracks, adjust volume and switch ANC on/ off. This is why we consider the Avantree ANC032 one of the best noise canceling headphones under 100.


  • ANC function
  • Driver size 40mm
  • Playtime ANC+BT = 10hrs / BT only = 18hrs
  • Has FastStream
  • Foldable

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Be amazed by the Over-Ear Noise-Canceling Headphones from Sony.

sony noise canceling headphones

These noise-canceling headphones come with a 30mm driver giving you quality sound.

Sony MDRZX110NC also provide up to 80 hours of battery life so you can enjoy the music for days.


  • Over-ear, Noise-isolating Headphones
  • 30mm Neodymium Driver
  • Up To 80 Hours of Battery Life

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Naztech i9BT

Naztech does a great job of reducing low-frequency noise. The Bluetooth wireless play relies on battery power.

naztech i9BT noise canceling headphones

The i9 needs to be fully charged for first use.

Naztech i9BT Active Noise Cancelling Headphone is ready for you when you are in a noisy environment.


  • Active noise canceling
  • HD sound & in-line MIC
  • Built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery provides up to 30 hrs of Active Noise Cancellation

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Philips SHB8750NC/27

With Philips SHB8750NC/27; there will be no wires, no noise, and no compromise.

philips noise canceling wireless headphones

Immerse yourself in music with advanced Active Shield active noise canceling technology. Connect wirelessly with NFC one-tap pairing.

Also, enjoy music and manage calls with smart control on ear pads of Philips SHB8750NC/27.


  • Active Shield noise canceling reduces noise by up to 97%
  • Convenient hands-free calling with Mic and Bluetooth 4.0
  • Rechargeable battery offers up to 16 hours of wireless music
  • Simple NFC one-tap pairing
  • Activate Siri and Google Now with a press on-ear can button

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Logitech ClearChat

You’ll be comfortable with this Logitech headset with its plush ear pads and padded headband that adjusts nicely with you.

logitech noise canceling headphone

The noise-canceling microphone cuts background noise and rotates out of the way when you’re not using it. This plug-and-play USB headset gives you quick access to volume and mute controls. Found all the comfort and digital sound in this versatile headset.

Extend your comfort with a padded headband and ear pads of Logitech ClearChat.


  • Padded headband and ear pads
  • Rotating, noise-canceling microphone
  • Convenient inline volume and mute controls
  • Advanced digital USB
  • Compatible with the Windows and Mac OS

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Final Word:

If you value sound quality and don’t want to pay too much money, take a look at the above headphones. Use any of these best noise canceling headphones under 100 Dollars and enjoy your music in peace.

Usually, they are cheaper, sound better and offer good protection from outside noise. Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below. You can also check out the video for more noise canceling headphones.

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