Best of all the new product launch at CES 2019

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(Last Updated On: January 18, 2019)

The 2019 edition of CES is over. Companies used the event as a perfect springboard to showcase their technology.

Best of all the new product launch at CES 2019

While Google dominated the show with big adverts and showing off their Google assistant compatibility, there were other great innovative new products. Here are our top picks from CES 2019.

New product launches at CES 2019-

Samsung Gems H

Samsung unveiled a few exoskeletons in this year’s CES. The GEMS (Gait Enhancing Motivational System) were hot products this year with Samsung rolling out a line of wearables to assist many different body parts.

Samsung GEMS H

The Pick of the bunch for us was the Samsung GEMS H. This lederhosen type of gadget was made to help people assist in walking, correcting posture, etc. Samsung claims that the GEMS H enables you to save 23% energy when walking and increases your pace by 20%.

The scope of usage for this tech is enormous. With rehabilitation for the injured, to assisting the sick and elderly this product has taken the CES 2019 event by storm.

Samsung Bot Care

Amongst other healthcare and living assist tech, product launch, Samsung revealed their Bot Care. This is a living assist bot aimed to help the elderly. The design for this interactive bot is a simple cone on wheels with a monitor for a head. It can measure your blood pressure and heart rate.

samsung care bot

The bot is capable of detecting movement and will put out an alert if there is an accident. This Samsung care bot can also monitor your sleep and inform you or a doc of your sleeping pattern.

A hot product at this years CES this interactive bot looks to be the first generation home robots that we will soon get used to.

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Nreal Light

The hype about augmented reality is at its highest at the moment. Many companies are working hard to bring this science fiction tech to reality. Nreal a Chinese startup has come out with their Nreal Light glasses and entered the AR industry.

Nreal Light

Their AR glass the Light is pretty capable, wowing everyone at CES 2019. These glasses, unlike others, look basically like a pair of regular glasses so wearing them is not going to be a problem.

Technology-wise, Nreal fit the lenses with all the cameras, sensors and projection gear to make it a top quality product like say the Vuzix Blade glasses but much slimmer. These glasses have 1080p projection through both lenses and a 52-degree field of view, which is better than many top-end AR on the market.

Omron Heartguide

Omron unveiled their new hot product, the Omron Heartguide. This smartwatch is the first of its kind to be able to monitor your heart’s health.

Omron HeartGuide

Designed to fit seamlessly into your life the Heartguide will track and store your heart’s health for specific behavior and activity and will let you make an informed decision about your life’s trajectory.

It comes with an app that will be synced to the device for ease of access. The smart device also lets you track your sleep patterns and lets you set sleep target. Omron made a fantastic product that can fit into everyone’s life and will make it better.

This is why it was one of the best products at CES 2019.

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Lenovo Smart Clock

CES 2019 saw Lenovo launch a fresh new product. The Lenovo smart clock is a smart device that connects to your smart devices and can act as a control panel for your smart home.

lenovo Smart Clock

The smart clock has google assistant that lets it play music, check weather and traffic. You can use it to control the lighting and set a routine through google routine. It has a sunshine feature to wake you up.

The smart clock can be programmed with voice control to turn off lights and set the alarm. This smart clock can also tell your TV to play videos, and it can even make calls for you.

It comes with a USB port so you can even charge your phone. The only thing it doesn’t have is a camera, and many people say that it is a good thing.

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D Free

A startup named Tripple W showed off a hot new product at CES 2019. The D Free is a non-invasive wearable device that uses ultrasonic sensors to track bladder movements.

D Free

Aimed to help the elderly and the disabled people who suffer from Incontinence. Incontinence occurs when muscles are too weak or too active. There are other causes of incontinence, such as prostate problems and nerve damage.

The gadget will notify you when the wearer of the device needs to use the toilet. A great product from Tripple W, one that can make many lives better.


Groove X a Japanese startup unveiled its new product, the Lovot. It is a robot companion that has uses advanced sensor and AI learning to model its behavior according to you. Lovot was designed to be loved.


It’s makers in Groove X said: “begs for attention and gets in the way of those it lives with.” It will act as your robot pet but with the emotions of a toddler. A cute and cuddly product that was one of the hottest things in CES 2019.

Royole Flexible Phone

Everyone was anticipating the release of a foldable screen announcement by Samsung for its new phones. In comes Royole showcasing the first of its kind foldable phone which made it a hot product at CES 2019.

Royole Flexible Phone

The flexible phone though was not a great phone in today’s market, but it was an excellent way to showcase Royole’s main product the foldable screen.

Beating big companies like Samsung to the punch Royole also showcased how their screens could be put on anything even Clothing.

Alienware Area 51m

Alienware came to CES with their new Area 51m model. This beast of a laptop looks beautiful and is a powerhouse in performance.

Coming in with a 17.3-inch display this and the latest generation hardware the Alienware Area 51m is one hot product that we got introduced to at CES 2019. The enclosure design is an upgrade.

Alienware Area 51m

This model has a sleek design compared to other models. One amazing feature this model has is that almost every internal component in changeable. This means that the enclosure can be used while you keep upgrading the hardware.

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Dell XPS 13

Dell has refined their XPS 13 model and has taken it to a new height. It was one of the best new product launched at CES 2019. With its sleek design and paper thin bezel, it looks like a work of art.

Dell XPS 13

The model comes equipped with 8th gen hardware and is deceptively powerful. It is also very light. Lighter than even the MacBook Pro. One fantastic thing that Dell did with this model is that they put the webcam on top.

The XPS 13 was a hot product because Dell improved upon what was already an excellent product.

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Mophie Juice Pack Access

The Mophie Juice Pack Access is a new product that’s a need for every iPhone user Right Now! It is a battery case that gives you extra battery power when you need it at the push of a button.

Mophie Juice pack Access

The best thing about this is that it will charge your phone wirelessly. Meaning you will have full access to your lightning port. Now it’s going to much easier for you to listen to music while charging your phone.

This is why the Mophie Juice Pack Access was a hot product at CES 2019.


LG’s signature OLED TV R is one of the best we’ve seen at this year’s CES. The LG OLED TV R rolls up from a cabinet that has Dolby Atmos sound system. LG unveiled their new product with a 65-inch display.

The TV comes with all the connectivity ports that you need. This LG model has three feature modes. Line View where the screen partially slides up, this shows the time, weather and can be used for Ambient scene display, e.g., fireplace. You have access to the dashboard, and you can play music in LIne View.


The Zero View mode will allow you to play music through its speakers and the Full view well it allows you to do everything plus watch TV. This LG model comes with both Alexa and Google Assistant built in along with Apple AirPlay 2 wireless technology and HomeKit.

Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit allows you to stream videos and play music from your Apple device. So, you can see why this was a hot product at CES 2019.

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Hyundai “Project Elevate”

At this year’s CES Hyundai revealed their unstoppable car project named “Project Elevate.” This is part robot and part car with extendable legs. This futuristic car can be driven in normal mode or walk over debris and flood.

Hyundai Project Elevate

The target of the South Korean firm is to supply the first responders with these vehicles so that they don’t have to walk over to the rescue zone. This car maybe slim but has enough space to carry a stretcher and a patient.

This vehicle from Hyundai looks set to be a hot product for the South Korean Firm.

Impossible Burger 2.0

I know what you are wondering. How is it that a burger is considered as a tech. Well, this isn’t any ordinary burger. This is a burger from Impossible Foods. It was made in a lab to resemble meat. And boy does it ever!

While many people speculated after the first version that lab-made meat might replace meat but will never be able to replicate the taste. Well, the Impossible Burger 2.0 proved everyone wrong.

Impossible Burger 2.0

Everyone at CES 2019 was blown away by this burger. Many vegans thought it was meat. This burger stole the show at this year’s CES, and it was no doubt that this The Hot Product of CES 2019.


Where is CES held every year?

CES 2020

Originally the show is from New York but has shifted to Las Vegas, Nevada, United States during the new era. The next CES event will be held Tuesday, January 7, 2020, till Friday, January 10, 2020.


A Few Words

So here you go, a quick rundown of all the best new product launched at CES 2019. There were plenty of other fantastic products that we left out, but those are amazing as well. This year’s edition was mind-blowing.
Check out the video for more details on CES 2019-

Let us know which product you will buy from here in the comments below. Also, let us know your thoughts and suggestion on topics or anything at all.

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