A Mini Buying Guide for Jewelry

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(Last Updated On: January 19, 2018)

Every piece of jewelry tells a story. Jewelry enhances the beauty of your clothing if you have an excellent fashion sense you know how to pair up an item of clothing with jewelry and other accessories. As a fashion conscious person, you should know how to charm up your personality with a cheap fashion jewelry or a vintage jewelry.

cheap fashion jewelry

Suppose your wedding is nearby or you have an upscale party next day, and you need a necklace with smooth white pearls or a ring dazzling with diamond.  Or maybe your best friend’s birthday is nearby and you know she is very fond of earrings. So what will you do? Won’t you immediately jump to search for best engagement rings or necklaces or earrings for women?

Please hold on few minutes; you need some jewelry tips before you start online shopping. From our fashion jewelry buying guide, you will know what to look for before shopping. You will learn the basic of buying cheap jewelry sets from here.

Cheap Fashion Jewelry Buying Guide:

Engagement Ring

discount wedding rings

While buying engagement or wedding ring, you should keep in mind the shape of the gem or stone. The stone used in engagement ring are mainly Diamond, Zirconia, and Emerald.

The metal of the ring can be Yellow gold, White gold, Sterling silver, Platinum, Titanium, or others.

The stone shape is vital to the engagement or wedding ring as different people’s choices vary from one another. Most common shapes are – Round, Square (cushion), Rectangular (princess, Asscher, emerald, radiant), Heart-shaped, Pear-shaped, Oval, and Marquise (it is like a pear but pointed on both ends). They are also perfect as a gift item.



vintage jewelry

A beautiful necklace can put an extra appeal to any woman’s outlook. So you need to know which type of necklace looks better with your outlook.

The materials mostly used for necklaces are pearls, gold, silver, stainless steel etc. There is some common type of necklaces based on style. Most popular type of necklace is pendant necklace. The pendant necklace can be of locket, solitaire or drops. Usually, a pendant necklace externally attached to a chain.

Another type of necklace is chain necklace which can be one layered or multi-layered. You can also find necklace set with a chain pairing up with matching earrings and sometimes a matching bracelet.

Pearl necklace is much hyped among stylish women. This can be single or multi-strands and sometimes twisted together.



earrings for women

Earrings for women are the much older form of jewelry or jewellery to decorate oneself, but still today it is inseparable to create a perfect look.

Various types of precious and semi-precious gemstones, diamonds, topaz, CZ stone, and pearls can be used for earrings ornamentation.

There is some basic category in earrings based on styling.

  • Stud earrings
  • Drop earrings
  • Hoop earrings

Earrings are made of platinum, gold (white or yellow), or silver along with gold plated (gold over silver) to make it more affordable. Gold karats range from 10kt to 18kt.



cheap jewelry

Of all types of jewelry, a bracelet can add some sizzling hotness to your overall getup. Bracelets can be jangling bangles or a pretty simple chain with some precious gemstones.

When and how to pick an appropriate bracelet to express your style is a matter of smartness. Bracelets are worn around your wrist, so comfortable fitting is the most priority.

Bracelets can be in different styles-

  • Bangles: Bangles are in a fixed form which should be loosely fitted. They can be worn alone or stack with other bangles.
  • Cuff Bracelet: Cuffs have a slight opening feature on one side, easy to wear and look fashionable.
  • Chain Link Bracelet: These bracelets composed of some metal links connected in some patterns to create a timeless look.

Bracelets can be made of stainless steel, leather, beads or precious metal like yellow or white gold (10kt to 24kt), sterling silver or gold plated silver.


Final Word:

Nowadays you can get all type of jewelry at various E-commerce platforms. Before buying jewelry online, try to compare their price ranges and existing highest offers among different stores from Scopeprice.

Choose the best jewelry with your matched outfit and let people admire about your stunning collections. Because especially in a wedding, jewelry is important next to the wedding day bridal emergency kit.


Do you find our buying guide helpful? You can give us suggestion by commenting below.


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