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Smartphone dominates today’s cell phone market. Smartphones are just like mini-computers. And they are becoming cheap mobile phones day by day. Along with the feature of calling and texting, you’ll be able to use the internet, send & receive emails, use GPS navigation, as well as watch videos and listen to music from your smartphone. Whether you’re looking for the cheapest smartphone or best smartphone on the market loaded with intelligent features, try to buy the unlocked smartphones.

cheap mobile phones

This cell phone or to be clear, smartphone buying guide will cover everything you need to know. Try to consider different things ranging from the device’s screen size or price to its camera and which OS will provide the best service to you. But at first, you need to read our smartphone buying guide for the expert review.

Match It with Your Lifestyle

Big brands are still producing more ‘traditional’ mobile phones. But the majority of models today fall into the smartphone category.

Before you start looking for buying a smartphone, you must think of yourself and the way of life that you are living. It may sound irrelevant but let us set some examples:

  • If you work in constructions, you may want to look for a shock resistant, compact, Gorilla Glass touchscreen.
  • For an office, you may need some unique applications that could help with your work in your job or favorite activities.
  • If you are a sports person, you should try to find a light smartphone with features that will help you with your sports and could take a fall or two in the outdoors.

Let’s see the features you should consider before you buy your smartphone.

Buying Guide for Cheap Mobile Phones and Accessories:

Smartphone Brands

mobile brands

At first, choose your brand. There is the most extensive selection of top-brand smartphones in the market. Choose the latest iPhones from Apple, or cutting-edge smartphones from Samsung, Huawei, LG, Google and more. Always try to buy the newer model. New technologies are continually being added to the smartphones. Buying a new model of the smartphone means you can keep pace with the latest technology.

iPhone is the most popular and most influential smartphone lines from Apple. They just released the long-anticipated iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus. They also revealed a special edition of iPhone for the 10th anniversary of their smartphone lines named iPhone X. It is the first bezel-less phone from Apple with a face ID recognition feature. Read more about it in our iPhone X features.

The iPhone 8 & 8 Plus offers some truly impressive features like energy-saving OLED screen, a much faster processor with the improved A11 chip, an updated camera featuring new lenses and Portrait lighting. The slick glass design of this phone offers dust and water-resistant along with wireless charging. To know more about this, read our review on Apple iPhone 8 specification.

Google also revealed their new Google phone, Pixel 2. With the new Android OS (Android version 8 – Oreo) it also features some excellent technology. Other smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, LG also has their new line of phones with many attractive features.

In addition to the newest models, older models often have similar functionality to more modern iterations. But they are available at a lower price which makes it easier to get a branded phone within your budget.

Cell Phone Carrier Networks

cheap phone careers

If you don’t want to be with a specific network, then unlocked smartphones are best for you. Without having to commit to a career plan of any kind these phones can be readily used on any network. Since there is no contract, it provides the freedom to purchase another smartphone anytime you want.

But if you are happy with a career plan & don’t want to pay the upfront cost of an unlocked phone, there are plenty carriers available. Among them, Verizon is best for coverage and speed, but T-Mobile has the best overall value. Just keep in mind that the most unlocked phones work only with the GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile. And they don’t work with the CDMA-based networks of Sprint and Verizon. But there are some exceptions. Be sure always to check the specification.

Quick Tips

After you have established what you need from your smartphone, you should start a search and take the following tips in your notion:

Operating System (OS)

Your priority should be the Operating System (OS) because it represents the interface that you will be using the entire time on that particular smartphone. Every different OS comes with its own set of features to make sure to see what it offers. iOS from Apple and Android from Google are the best out there in our opinion, but there are also Samsung or Blackberry and other ones that can keep up with the competition.

iOS is easier to use, but the Android will give you more choice. With iOS, you will get the newest & hottest apps first with the timeliest software updates. Android is better for more hardware choice and more affordable options. You can read about Nokia 6 android smartphone review.

Screen Size & Display

mobile screen size

We recommend a good display over 4″ diagonal, LED, AMOLED or Retina. If you use your phone mostly for browsing the web & watch videos, you should consider a model with a larger 5 or 6-inch screen. Keep in mind that the added size may make the handset awkward to use when taking and receiving calls or fitting it in the pocket. The phone-makers are trying to focus on ways to make big-screen phones with a comfortable fit in your hand.

The color quality and brightness of a smartphone matter more than the resolution. A 4K screen on the phone is nice to have but not necessary. It will just drain your battery. You should pay more attention to how bright the display is because it will help you to see in the outdoor. AMOLED display is better than LCD in this regard. Some of the latest phones offer the high dynamic range (HDR) for displaying even more colors.


Like a computer, a Smartphone’s processor determines its performance. If you want a faster phone, look for a Processor with over 800 MHz frequencies, the bigger the frequency, the faster the processing. If you need to handle multiple tasks at once, try the dual or quad-core processor which provides impressive speeds of 1GHz and above.

But if you want to play games or virtual reality, buy an Android phone with a Snapdragon 821 chip or the latest Snapdragon 835. The A10 & A11 processor in iPhone is also speedy in this regard.

Storage or Memory

More memory means you can store more photos, videos, and music on your phone. Expensive smartphones will provide you more memory or storage. Certain Android phones also offer memory slot to boost your storage when you need to.

But you need to consider carefully how much internal memory you need. If you want to have HD photos or movies stored on the device, we recommend you to get not less than 8 GB of internal memory if you can. Try to get a phone with 64 GB storage or more, if you want to download lots of games or shoot 4K video. A microSD card slot is nice to have for the expanding storage.


budget smartphone camera

The camera has now become the most important smartphone feature. On this regard, you should pay attention to specs such as aperture (lower numbers are better) or unique features such as dual lenses. If you’re an amateur photographer, then you should try a higher megapixel model. Otherwise, just ignore the megapixel.

If you’re prone to selfies, then you should pick something with a great front-facing camera. Just keep in mind that the front-facing cameras are usually lower quality than the rear camera, except on some very high-end models.


Search for a good internet connection. Standards like 2G, 3G or 4G represent the speed. We recommend at least 3G connectivity. 4G is the newest generation of mobile internet which offers a lightning-fast connection. Today’s most of the Smartphone comes with a 3G or 4G connectivity.

Wi-Fi represents the possibility to connect to any Wi-Fi hotspot or wireless router for establishing a powerful internet connection.


new smartphones

A smartphone these days is merely an artistic masterpiece. With minimalistic, slick, or unusual designs the smartphones always make it in the spotlights, so this one is simply up to you because only you know better what style suits you best.


This is the most important feature you should check if you are going to buy an Android phone. Don’t settle for an Android smartphone with a battery capacity of less than 3,000 mAh or you will find yourself with a dying phone more often. More the screen size or resolution, the more it will drain the battery. Other activities like taking photos, shoot videos, playing games, browsing the internet or running various apps will also cause a quick battery drain.

iPhone will give you a much better battery service in this matter. But if you choose a higher battery capacity for Android, then it will also give you a worry free time.

Other Features

mobile fingerprint sensor

Special features are good to have on your smartphone. Integration of latest technology allows your smartphone to be friendlier. Wireless charging, Touch ID or fingerprint feature, Face ID, etc. are some of the examples of cutting-edge technology integrated into a smartphone.

Latest iPhone and some of the Android phones support these special features. Soon they will be found on most of the smartphone.


When you become a cell phone user, you will be need of cell phone accessories like Batteries, Cases, Chargers, Headsets, Screen protectors, etc. Be sure that your cell phone or smartphone accessories are available in the market.

unlocked smartphones accessories

Phone chargers are essential accessories. If you are looking for chargers, it is important to make sure that it has the right adapter for your phone. All phones are not always compatible with the same adapter. The most common adapter types for cell phones are micro USB and mini USB. After checking your adapter type, it is essential to make sure that the voltage of the charger matches up with the voltage of your phone. Most of the latest phones are coming out with the same range of voltage now a day. It is making easy to find a charger that is compatible with your phone.

You should also buy a phone cradle if you have a car. You can attach the phone cradle to the dashboard of your car, and it will make your phone easily accessible without being distracted while you’re driving. Easy access to your phone also allows you to use the GPS or make hands-free calls easily. You will find many other necessary accessories for your phone available in the market.

How Much Should You Spend?

Don’t pay more than you need to for a phone. While the iPhone or premium Android phones will cost you easily more than $600, there are cheap unlocked-phone options which will cost below $500 and even some solid choices for less than $300. Price also varies for the storage option. For example, the iPhone price ranges between the 16 GB and 128 GB models.

If you’re looking for a capable handset with a low cost, keep an eye on the unlocked Android phones. Some of these models offer surprisingly good value with a solid performance, full-HD screens, and long battery life. Always try to compare the prices of your desired smartphone online.

Final Word

Don’t just settle for the cheap mobile phones. You can always get more with a reasonable budget. Search more & you will always get more. Because nowadays a smartphone is not only a personal assistant, but also define your choice & personality. For feature phone, you can read our Nokia 3310 review.

Here is a video of best budget smartphones of 2017-

Everyone buy a cell phone for personal use. So ultimately it depends on your choice of selecting a perfect unlocked smartphone for yourself. Do you agree with us? Let us know your thought in this matter through the comment below.

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