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The power and functionality of the computer are always valued for the real work-load. Of course, smartphones are very convenient to use, but they are not substituting for a desktop computer or laptop computer.  A desktop gaming computer delivers more power than any other laptop computers. If you need minimal power for your minimal work, you can buy a 10-inch android tablet which is very convenient to use.

desktop gaming computer

You will get a basic idea of buying the desktop gaming computer, laptop computers or a cheap android tablet by reading our mini buying guide. Here you will have a glimpse of what to consider and what to avoid when you are going to buy the best new computers or the best android tablet.

For basic gaming, you can look for the best gaming computer under 500.

Desktop Gaming Computer, Laptops and Tablets Buying Guide:

Desktop Computers

At first, we will talk about the desktop computers. You may think that people have moved away from desktops in the current world. However, there’s still a lot of usage of the desktops.

Desktop computers typically offer more performance than laptops, choice of the accessories option, and are less expensive to repair. They will let you work or play on a larger screen.

There are four types of desktop computers. We are going to discuss it below-

Full-Sized Computer

best gaming computers

These computers are the least expensive, most comfortable to upgrade and repair. They also offer the most features and options. It requires a lot of room under or on top of your desk.


Compact Computer

best new computers

It can be almost half the size of a full-size desktop. Compact desktops are also known as slim desktops.

They are ideal for the limited space under your desk. But they are difficult to upgrade and repair.


Gaming Computer

cheap gaming computers

There is no limit to the power and performance of the gaming systems. The best desktop gaming computer comes with the fastest processors, sophisticated graphics cards, multiple large hard drives, and lots of RAM.

Its CPU cases are usually large which offers more room for the additional RAM and other improvements.


All-In-One Computer

desktop computer all in one

These are the computers which incorporate CPU and monitor in one case. The components are tightly packed behind or underneath the display. That’s why they are difficult to upgrade or repair.

They are designed to save space and to look less traditional. You’ll have to pay a premium price for these models.



gaming computer laptop

Laptops are the miniature version of desktop computers. It will let you work away from your desk. It’s little cramped with a keyboard, reduced performance, and higher price. They’re also expensive to repair than the desktops.

In case of laptop computers, screen size will be an essential factor in deciding which type of laptop is right for you.

  • Choose the smaller (10″ to 13″ screen size), if you’re planning to carry the laptop around with you frequently.
  • Medium (14″ to 16″ screen size) size range will offer an ideal balance of performance, portability, and price.
  • Larger (17″ to 18″ screen size) size is for the folks who want a desktop replacement. It will have less power than a desktop gaming computer, but the larger screen will make it more comfortable to work on multiple windows.

There are other categories of laptops like Chromebooks or Convertible/ Detachable laptops.

laptop computers

Chromebooks are inexpensive. They are based on Google’s Chrome operating system. Convertible laptops look like a regular laptop, but the display either twists around and lays flat or pulls out of the keyboard for convenient use.

If you want a gaming laptop, try to find the best gaming laptops under 500.

What to Look for When Choosing a Computer?

Processor and Clock-speed

You will need a processor consists of multiple cores. They can process more data simultaneously. You can check Intel’s or AMD’s website to see how many cores a processor model has.

Clock speed (measured in gigahertz or GHz) determines how quickly a CPU can process information. Generally, the higher the clock speed, the faster the processor. For a desktop gaming computer, the speed can exceed 3 GHz.


desktop computers for sale

A computer with more memory is way faster than others. Memory is measured in gigabytes (GB). For a desktop gaming computer, you will need minimum 8GB. Many laptops also include 8GB of RAM. But other than heavy multitasking or video editing, 4GB RAM is plenty.

Operating System (OS)

We recommend Windows operating system for the new users. The Windows 10 brings a more uniform interface across a variety of devices: computers, tablets, Xbox, and smartphones. Also, universal apps and more games are available for Windows computers.

Macs can be more expensive, but they’re less prone to most viruses and spyware, and Apple’s support is among the tops.

You can also use Linux. But we wouldn’t recommend it to the new users.

Graphics Card

It is also known as the video card or GPU. This hardware is responsible for drawing what you see on your screen. Most computers have integrated graphics with the motherboard. But they are lower-performing as well as less expensive. They are fine for most of the tasks, but not for serious gaming.

You should look for at least 1GB of graphics memory for normal graphical work. For gaming, you should get 2GB or more. For more info, read our article on the best graphics card under 100.


HDD or Hard Disk Drives
 are also known as a hard disk or HD. They use a spinning hard disk to store your data. It is also slower overall.

Hard drive sizes are measured in Gigabytes (GB) or Terabytes (TB). They commonly range from 250 GB to 1 TB (terabyte) or more.

The speed of the drive is measured in RPM (revolutions per minute). You should get a desktop with at least a 7,200 rpm hard drive and a laptop with a 5,400 rpm hard drive for best performance.

cheap desktop computers

SSD or Solid State Drive is a different type of storage technology than HDD. It doesn’t need a rotating or spinning disk to store your data like the traditional hard drive.

SSDs work quietly, use less power, more resistant to damage, and less likely to fail mechanically.  Without moving parts, they provide quicker data access.

So, which is better between HDD and SSD?  SSDs are costly than the traditional hard drives, but we would recommend it because it is worth the price for its performance.


You will get numerous monitor for your desktop. Any of them is enough for the regular user. But if you are going to have the best monitor for console gaming, you have to look for more.

For desktop gaming computer you should consider Resolution, Screen Size, Response time, Refresh rate, Connectivity, and Panel Type of the monitor.

For console gaming, make sure your monitor is compatible with the PS4, Xbox & with all of their version; at least the latest one like Sony PS4 Pro 4K UHD.

Battery Power

Desktops are always plugged into a wall outlet, but laptops use a rechargeable lithium-ion battery when they are not plugged in. Most of the laptop battery support minimum 3 hours. For a reasonable price, they can be 8 to 12 hours.

You can lengthen the battery life of your laptop if you dim the display, turn off WiFi connectivity when it’s not needed, and use only basic applications.

Some laptops like Apples Macbook, Ultrabooks, and other thin-and-light models have non-removable batteries. They are costly to replace when run-time starts decreasing.


Many users prefer tablet because they are bigger than a smartphone and more portable than a laptop. Tablets are the perfect choice for busy executives or working moms. These machines are highly portable and lightweight. They’re also multi-functional which serves as an e-book reader, Web browser, movie viewer, and music player.

10 inch android tablet

They tend to have 7- to 10-inch touch screens. We recommend the 10 inch android tablet. Most of the new models offer WiFi connectivity, a front-facing webcam and GPS capability.

Their battery life ranged from 4 hours to nearly 13 hours. But tablets are not ideal for office productivity tasks.

Features to Look for A Tablet

  • Screen Size and Shape: Typical tablet sizes are 7 and 10 inches. There are also larger models like Apple’s 12.9-inch iPad Pro.
  • Display: Nowadays the screen resolutions of the tablets are getting better. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S 8.4 is among the finest at 359 pixels per inch. The Apple iPad Air 2 has an anti-reflective coating that makes it the best tablet viewed in bright light.
  • Wireless Connectivity: All tablets offer WiFi connectivity. Some of the higher-rated tablets come with cellular data networks, including 4G.
  • Operating System: There are three operating systems for tablet: Android, iOS, and Windows. Its operating system determines a tablet’s capabilities.
  • Memory and Ports: Memory for most of the tablets can be expanded using a memory card. Some of them can read USB flash drives. The iPad from Apple has no memory-card slot or USB port, but it offers some impressive services.

Computer Accessories

With computer accessories, you can enhance your computing experience. These will make your work more comfortable and efficient.

desktop computer reviews

For example, wireless keyboards and mouse for your desktop computers or tablets will make your job easy. For a desktop gaming computer, they enhance the performance of gaming.

Scanners will convert paper images into digital images. Printers will do just the opposite. For the printer, we will recommend Laser printer with scanner. Also, you will find various accessories for your desktop gaming computer.

Final Word:

That is all for the essential knowledge for the best new computers. You will find the information helpful if you are going to buy a desktop gaming computer, laptop computers, or a 10-inch android tablet.

You can also read about our verdict on the best 4K TV for gaming.

Watch the video below for more-

Do you find our buying guide helpful? Did we miss anything? Let us know through the comment below.


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