DJI Osmo vs Hero 5 Black Review 2018

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(Last Updated On: May 13, 2019)

DJI Osmo and Hero 5 Black both is a great action camera. But who is better? Here is the review on DJI Osmo vs Hero 5.

DJI Osmo vs Hero 5

Both are a great camera for amateur or professional. Both are also best for rugged use.

Let’s Find Out All About DJI Osmo vs Hero 5:

DJI Osmo Specs

DJI Osmo

The Osmo is a 4K camera system that enables you to capture your world from a personal perspective in a way that exceeds the capabilities of regular action cams. It has an advanced camera stabilizer (aka gimbals). And they are becoming more portable than ever. This gimbal ensures that the DJI X3 12.4 Mp camera is always level and stable.

DJI Osmo runs on Android & iOS with DJI Go app. But when you’re feeling adventurous, the Osmo functions just fine without the DJI Go app. It provides –A Simple App, Superb handheld stabilization & High-quality 4K video.

In total, this weighs about 538 grams which are still quite manageable when you add a smartphone to it, but you can get this down to 422 grams if you remove the phone holder.

The package also includes a lens cap plus a wrist strap for safety measures, as well as a little carrying case. The gimbal is also where you insert your microSD card, which needs to be at least Class 10 or UHS-1.

Hero 5 Black Specs

GoPro Hero5 Black

GoPro has become the de facto action camera because it is simple enough for anyone to use and also small enough to carry. This new high-performance monster now includes a rear touch display, super-easy one-button control. Now Buttery-smooth 4K video comes as a standard with the Hero 5 Black and voice activation makes it very user-friendly.

GoPro now features a significant durability improvement: it’s completely waterproof. They had to adjust the gadget’s design to make way for all the seals necessary for this waterproofing. The overall experience has been abridged to make capturing the action as painless as possible.

According to GoPro, it is “Simply the best GoPro, ever.”

Who is Better?

Both cameras are 4K in resolution. Both work great and produce a quality video that’s mostly smooth and silky. There are some key differences that are worth noting and they’re mostly the result of DJI being a drone company and GoPro being a camera company.

They both have image stabilization. The one difference comes in the form of a trigger. The Osmo features a button the front of the grip that lets the user lock the camera in place. Think of it as super stabilization and a handy utility to make videos look just a little more polished. The Karma Grip has a similar feature but it doesn’t work as well. That’s why DJI Osmo is more efficient in video stabilization.

The video by Osmo is slightly clearer but the GoPro Hero5 had more natural color and saturation. Side-by-side, the GoPro’s video looks superior though it should be noted that DJI recently released a newer version of the Osmo that features an improved camera at a slightly higher price.

The Karma Grip is just a Gimbal where the Osmo is more of a shooting platform. With the Karma Grip, users point the camera at the subject and start recording. Depending on the camera used, the device might have a rear-facing screen to line up the shot, but even then, the gimbal’s design partly obstructs the user’s view of the tiny screen.

The Osmo is different from the Karma Grip. DJI included a small joystick-type button that can move the camera even while the grip stays still. The result is a finer control of the video.

Final Word:

We have completed our discussion about DJI Osmo vs Hero 5. Choosing between the Osmo and Karma comes down to the buyer’s desire. The prices are similar when all things are considered. Buy the Karma Grip if the camera is going to strap onto a mountain bike to race down a mountainside.

Buy the Osmo for capturing smooth shots for your indie film or if you occasionally take a bike down a mountain. Watch the video below to see the difference between them-

Of course, both cameras can do both, but since the GoPro can better survive rough activities, it makes sense to purchase it if the camera will be used as such. Likewise, if the ability to properly frame a shot is needed, the Osmo is a better buy.

You can buy these here at reasonable prices with price comparison.

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