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(Last Updated On: October 24, 2017)

Foldimate, a home robot designed to fold your clean clothes all by itself with professional skill and quality results. About the size of a standard domestic washer or dryer, the appliance will apparently grab garments within its reach, pull them inside its innards for processing, then spit out piles of smartly stacked and crisply folded clothing.

foldimate cloth folding robot machine

Let’s explore this new tech for folding cloth:


new cloth folding robot machine

Technology is for the lazy. The creators of FoldiMate certainly kept that in mind when they created a laundry-folding robot. The company has shown a prototype of this machine at the big tech trade show, CES 2017.

FoldiMate’s machine requires you to clip your clothes onto a slot on the machine. The robot at first pulls the item over a board and steams it, and then folds it. Once the robot is finished with the whole rack, it spits out the folded clothes for you to remove.

Designed to sit next to your other laundry room appliances, the FoldiMate is able to neatly fold, steam, de-wrinkle, and even soften your clothes using your fabric softener of choice.

It takes the robot about 10 seconds to fold one item, and it has a capacity of about 15 to 20 items. The machine weighs about 30 kg, uses standard power, and it can be connected via Wi-Fi. The company plans to announce more shipping details soon. FoldiMate founder and CEO Gal Rozov said the device is for “saving marriages around the world.”

But you can’t just dump mounds of apparel into the FoldiMate all at once and expect it to sort everything out. To use the FoldiMate, you must first clip individual garments such as shirts, sweaters, and pants onto the horizontal racks on the front of the machine.  amazon women clothing

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best cloth folding machine

Imagine handing over your laundry to a friend who folds it for you. Foldimate just did that for you. They invented the technology which finally allows us all to have a compact & affordable cloth the folding machine.

The main features of the machine are:

  • Can handle medium-sized items like shirts, pants, and towels
  • Can’t fold small or large items like underwear, socks and bed sheets
  • Clip capacity is 15 to 20 garments
  • Easy clipping system
  • Takes 10 seconds to fold one item, 20 to 30 seconds to de-wrinkle
  • Measures 28x32x31 inches and weigh 30kg
  • Dimensions similar to typical home clothes dryer
  • Uses standard 110V / 220V electrical power



If you’re dreaming of owning a FoldiMate device of your own, you just have to wait a little more. The startup behind FoldiMate starts taking preorders; the unit is expected to ship before the start of 2018. It will cost between $700- $850. If you want the de-wrinkling feature, you’ll have to fork over an additional $200 to $300 plus the cost of treatment capsules ($15 to $40 each). You can also keep an eye in here for a reasonable price purchase.

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