LG Watch Sport vs. LG Watch Style


Lots of people are getting excited about the Android Wear 2.0 release, and that means answering the next inevitable question: ‘Do I want the LG Watch Sport or the LG Watch Style?’

LG Watch Sport vs. LG Watch Style

Though both watches run the new software and launched at the same time, they are on opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of size, hardware, and capabilities. Both watches are finely tuned with the Android wear 2.0

Let’s have a look on both watch:


LG Watch Style

As soon as you take a look, you can clearly see the design differences between these two watches. The Watch Sport is big and sporty. The Watch Style is sleek, compact and unassuming. Before looking at any of the features, a majority of people will have a better feel for the Watch Style just in terms of how it will fit on their wrist. When it comes to the Watch Sport, fewer people will feel comfortable with 14 mm thick metal at the end of their arm.



Watch Style

The Watch Sport’s display sits larger at 1.38” across to the Watch Style’s 1.2”. It also has a larger case around including protruding lugs with integrated bands that can’t be replaced.

The Watch Style comes with 3 color options — silver, titanium and rose gold. These offer far more choices in terms of looks. The case of Watch Style is just 10.79 mm & uses an 18 mm strap.



LG Watch Sport

Both watches run on the latest Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor, and though the Watch Sport technically has more RAM at 768MB to the Watch Style’s 512MB, the extra overhead needed for the cellular radio takes up much of that extra room.

The displays have different resolutions but are the same great quality P-OLED panel and both offer automatic brightness without a “flat tire” at the bottom.

When comparing the Sport to the Style, that extra RAM appears to make things run just a little bit better. While it isn’t much but you can tell from using both that the Sport has the edge on performance. If you only used the Style, you would still think it is one of the fastest smartwatches on the market.


Battery life

LG Watch Sport

Battery life performance will differ from user-to-user and from day-to-day, and this is especially true when talking about the Watch Sport. In addition to the added RAM and larger display with more pixels, the Sport has a handful of other sensors and radios that the Style doesn’t. These include LTE connectivity, NFC, GPS, and a heart rate sensor.

Obviously, heavy use with a lot of screen on time of either watch will drain the battery, but so will constant use of the LTE or GPS features.Without heavy usage of the added functionality found in the Sport, they’ll both easily make it through an average 8-hour workday.

Finally, the watches use different types of chargers that match their overall size. The LG Watch Style uses a small magnetic charger puck. It is roughly the size of its case and snaps on the back. The Watch Sport uses a large charging cradle to accommodate its fixed bands.


Other Features

LG Android Watch

Beyond the looks, there are clear differences between the 2 smartwatches.The LG Watch Sport is filled with more features. It includes LTE, GPS, NFC for Android Pay, a speaker, and a full-fledged heart rate sensor.

The LG Watch Style doesn’t have any of that. This smaller watch doesn’t have the room for all of the extra frills. It even misses out the customizable hardware buttons that the Sport has. Here all you get is the rotating crown that doubles as a button.



Both the LG Watch Style and Watch Sport are very interesting devices.  As we can see, there isn’t a whole lot of overlap in terms of the markets for these two watches. The hardcore smartwatch fans will appreciate the extra features of the LG Watch Sport. But people who want something that looks and feels great will prefer the LG Watch Style.

The LG Watch Style is cheaper with its less function of the two. The Silver and Titanium colors will sell for $249, whereas the Rose Gold flavor will feature a $30 premium and sell for $279. You can also purchase the Watch Sport with the added support for LTE, GPS, and NFC at $349. The two color options for this watch include Dark Blue and Titanium. You can also buy these here at reasonable prices with price comparison.


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