LG Watch Style: An Android Wear 2.0 Smartwatch


There will be plenty of Android Wear watches in 2017, but LG has the latest crop with their LG Watch Style.

LG Watch Style Android Wear Smartwatch

LG has been there from the start of the Android Wear story. Now along with the beefy LG Watch Sport, it brings LG Watch Style. Here we will discuss LG Style. As the name suggest, the watch is pretty stylish.

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Let’s see what LG Watch Style offer:

Size and Design

LG Watch Style Smartwatch

The LG Watch Style, as the name suggests, puts the emphasis firmly on looks. It is sleek, compact and unassuming.

Before looking at any of the features, a majority of people will have a better feel for the Watch Style just in terms of how it will fit on their wrist.

The case is just 10.79mm & uses an 18mm strap. Thanks to the lack of additional sensors on board and one of the smallest batteries ever packed into an Android Wear watch.

With the matte stainless steel finish on the casing and smaller frame, it’s one of the best-looking smartwatches. Suited for those with slimmer wrists, it’s available in silver, titanium and rose gold.



There’s a fully round display, there is a slim bezel that surrounds the screen but it’s far less noticeable.

Its display is 1.2” with (360 x 360) resolution P-OLED. It’s well proportioned to that small watch body. This provides bright & vibrant surroundings.

If there’s one niggling gripe we do have it’s that it can be a big of a haven for fingerprint smudges. Granted, all smartwatches encounter that problem but it’s definitely something we’ve noticed more using the Style.


Hardware and features

Android Wear Smartwatch

It’s powered by a 1.1GHz Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor with 512MB of RAM. Additional fitness features like a heart rate monitor or built-in GPS have been axed, along with NFC (so no Android Pay) and LTE support.

Despite its slender frame, there’s still room for a microphone and it’s IP67 dust and water resistant so it’s safe enough for a shower but we wouldn’t recommend taking it for a swim.


Android Wear 2.0

LG Watch Style

Of course, it comes with Android Wear 2.0, the software which acts like a glue and holds everything together. If you want a breakdown of exactly what the OS update has to offer, have a read of our Android Wear 2.0 Update.

Android Wear 2.0 aims to offer a better overall smartwatch experience including helping your smartwatch function as a standalone device.

Good news for iOS users, because now it’ll do more than soaking up phone notifications. The software update is not ready just yet, but it will come very soon eventually.

Pairing the watch with a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Google Pixel Xl shows that the Android Wear experience has greatly improved. It’s still not perfect, but things feel more complete. The more time you spend with it, the more you begin to appreciate those changes.

Google’s ‘Material design’ changes the look and feel of the software. It is well suited to the Style’s circular surroundings and the crown is definitely a good addition.

Best Android Wear Smartwatch

There is some new Wear 2.0 features that impress more than others. While the Sport is the more fitness-focused of the LG duo, you do still get to reap the benefits of Google’s improved Fit app, which is now broken out into separate daily activity monitoring and sports tracking. You might want to swap in a silicon band before you hit the gym with it, but it serves up good, albeit basic information during a workout session.

The Style comes with a pretty standard collection of native apps already preloaded onto the watch. We’re talking the likes of Google Translate, Contacts, Reminders, and even a torch mode.

Android Wear 2.0 brings a dedicated Google Play Store so you can download apps directly from the watch. That makes the addition of built-in Wi-Fi support all the more useful. Now you can browse the more streamlined Play Store without your smartphone.

Battery life and Pricing

Beneath that plastic rear casing lays a 240mAh battery. It is one of the smallest to crop up inside an Android Wear watch. That should max out at around two days of smartwatch time. But in reality, with key features in regular use, it’s more like a day.

A battery saving mode jumps into action when you’re down to around 15%. It turned off the ambient display and Wi-Fi. But it doesn’t give you much time to use some of the more power-sapping features before you’re reaching for the circular charging cradle.

It takes around an hour and a half for the LG Watch Style to get from 0-100% so it’s not exactly a rapid charging watch either. Check out the video below-

 You can check the price of it here with a price comparison. Let us know about your experience with this Android Wear in the comment box.


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