Experts Review for Microsoft Surface Studio 2018

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(Last Updated On: December 8, 2017)

Microsoft Surface Studio is the company’s first desktop PC. It is easily the most attention-grabbing new PC design of the year, even if most of its individual ideas like – external control knobs, tabletop PCs – have been seen before in different contexts.

Microsoft Surface Studio

The new Microsoft Surface Studio with Surface Dial provides a stark, inventive contrast, especially for graphic designers, artists and video editors who scooped up new Macs without question in the past years.

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Here is the review of Microsoft Surface Studio:

Design and Technology

best Surface Studio

Designed for use in creative environments, it is a stunning 28” desktop that does not simply include a touch screen but embraces it as a core part of its design. It is not only a gorgeous device but also the world’s thinnest display with an all-aluminum body.

It consists of a 6th Generation Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM and can run the professional-grade software. It has ultra-thin 28” adjustable PixelSense display. The resolution of the display is (4500 x3000) which includes 63 percent more pixels than a 4K television. You can sketch, paint and draw on its Pixelsense display. Surface pen, keyboard, and mouse are included.

The PC is also preloaded with Windows 10 Pro. Speakers are bundled into the Surface Studio. They are not so great but it works. Other features of this PC are 2 full-size USB 3.0, Ultra-High Speed Full-size SD card reader, Headset jack, Mini Displayport & Surface Connect. The keyboard and mouse, while basic, do the job asked of them. Most people should find them comfortable to use. You’ll find few options on either of them, so you will need to pick up a third-party peripheral. And the whole PC weigh only 9.56 kg.

The Surface Dial and How It Works

Surface Dial

One of the most interesting bits about the Microsoft Surface Studio isn’t the all-in-one at all, but its brand-new accessory, the Surface Dial. This is a radial control module that operates over Bluetooth, just like the included Surface Keyboard and Surface Mouse.

The Dial looks and feels like what you’d expect. It looks like a knob on old stereos or most modern receivers. It’s chunky and, thanks to its haptic feedback, it can provide a degree of discrete “click-click-click” feel as you rotate it or tap it.

The Dial offers specific controls in certain Windows apps, like the Paint3D, allowing for quick access to controls that you’d otherwise have to stop drawing to use. For example, in Bing Maps, you can use the Dial to zoom and tilt a 3D map image.


New Direction for PCs

Surface Studio back side

It is an all-in-one PC which is beautiful, powerful, and more of an art. Featuring an innovative counter balance hinge system that allows you to place it in virtually any position, it’s the ultimate design device. You can work in it upright in Desktop Mode or flat in Studio Mode.

With an i5 or i7 Intel Core i7, a 1-2TB Rapid Hybrid Drive, 4USB 3.0 ports (one high powered), dual microphones, 2.1 speakers with Dolby Audio Premium, and a Surface Pen, Keyboard and Mouse, you can do more your way. You can collaborate and share work with teammates or log in with facial recognition technology. It offers a respectable performance, for an all-in-one.


Why Would You Buy It?

For its target audience, though, the Microsoft Surface Studio is a revolution. No major PC manufacturer has ever focused on the needs of creative professionals with the dedication Microsoft displays with the Studio.

It is now available at your nearest shop. You can also buy it here at reasonable prices with price comparison.

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