Kitables’ Mini Lego Drone Kit


DIY (Do It Yourself) Mini Lego Drone Kit elevates Legos to the whole new level. This Mini Lego Drone Kit gives you everything you need to build your own functioning RC (Radio Control) drone.

Mini Lego Drone Kit

This tiny Lego drone is not only affordable and easy & you don’t have to worry about crashing it, either. Cheap-to-buy, easy-to-build mini Lego drone is the stuff of childhood dreams.

Let’s learn about this project:

About The Project

Mini Lego Drone

In 2016, Kitables brought their “regular-sized” Lego Drone. It was so popular that now they started a Kickstarter project to make “Mini” Lego Drone Kit. Same amount of fun, less money.

“The premise of every kit that we do, including this one, is to lower the barrier to entry,” Kitables CEO Arianna DeFazio told Digital Trends. “We’ve made this as simple as it could possibly be. Almost everyone has used Lego at some point. There are also just four soldering points on the whole thing, and after that, you’re ready to go! There’s no software to download and it comes with a controller, so it’s basically plug-and-go. It’s incredibly easy.”

The Kickstarter project of Kitables is already fully funded. The drone, which is designed to be a cheaper option to get kids into the “maker” community and learn how to build gadgets with their hands, will be cheaper than Kitables’ previous full-sized Lego drone.


How Is It Made?

Lego Drone Kit

There are a few nifty things about Kitable’s Lego drone. The kit will include a Lego frame pack, motor set, receiver board, controller, Lipo battery and charging cable, and propeller set. Soldering is needed for building it.

Just follow the manual and build your own drone.



The company hasn’t said exactly how much it will cost. But if you back the project, one Mini Lego Drone Kit can be yours for $50. If you’re interested in getting involved, the kits can currently be pre-ordered on Kickstarter with shipping set for April.When it is available in the market, you can also buy it here at reasonable prices with price comparison.


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