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Buying a piece of art can be an intimidating experience. Most of the people are not going to spend millions for a Van Gogh. But there are more ways to be an art collector with your budget. In the word of E-commerce, you can buy sculptures, photographs, any famous paintings like canvas painting, oil painting on canvas, abstract canvas painting or large abstract wall art from online at a reasonable price. So why not try it?

oil painting on canvas

A good collection of arts that speaks to you is a worthy goal. We know that you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a single piece. You can buy reasonably priced art from online but buying art from online may seem a little confusing. Where should you search? How many types of art are out there? What kind of art should you collect? How do you compare the price of art?

We will answer these questions here and more in this beginner’s art-buying guide.

Beginners Art Buying Guide:

Quick Tips for Buying Art

Owning a nice piece of art you love can be immensely rewarding but making the right choice can be difficult. Our guide will help you deal with the uncertainties that prospective art buyers often face. Follow this guide to choose your desired art with confidence.

Quick tips

  • Always do your research. Try to visit traditional brick-and-mortar auction houses online. You can also attend major art events or at least see them online. FYI, the Affordable Art Fair takes place in New York City every year.
  • You need to trust your own choice. Be true to yourself because, by definition, everyone has a subjective response to art. So you shouldn’t dwell on what others think. Buy the piece of art which speaks to you.
  • Just follow your heart and buy what you love the most. Some arts tend to captivate you from the first moment you see them; others take time to find their way into your consciousness. Go with what feels right.
  • Art can be an excellent alternative to leaving your money in the bank, but don’t buy just for that reason. If you buy a famous painting you love, your enjoyment of it will provide an emotional return which can’t be measured in financial value.
  • Don’t rush; take your time to consider your choice. You may need several viewings and cross-checking before you decide.  Don’t think it as unusual. A buyer has a right to spend several hours with the piece of art before buying.
  • If you are a painting lover with a low budget, just ask about other options. There can be a more affordable piece by the same artist, or you might want to opt for print over an original.
  • The artwork is usually sent by courier or tracked and signed for delivery. Take this into account when ordering you artwork. If you work full time, why not get it delivered to your work address? You don’t want to miss your delivery, do you?

Types of Art

The artwork is for everyone. You can find almost anything from the vast selection of art for sale online like modern art deco piece, earthy folk art, or landscape photography.  You can also find art from popular art brokers, as well as thousands of artworks on sale direct from the artist.

famous paintings

There are many types of art like Photographs, Posters, Prints, Drawings, Folk Art, Paintings, Sculptures, Textile Art, etc.

Giclees are the copy of paintings. They can also be copies of original works of art like Van Gogh, Picasso, etc. They are reproduced or copied on a digital printer. It’s possible to purchase an original oil painting or an inexpensive Giclee print of the same painting. Remember that Giclee prints are never worth the price you pay for them. They are simply ink jet copies of an image. They are not permanent, meaning they are not archival.

Here is a short description on the types of art & how to buy them.



Art photographs of wildlife, nature or some photographic subjects can add the touch that you’re looking for to your home or existing collection.

There are many distinct types of art photography based on subjects like still life, architecture and cityscapes, celebrities and musicians, and many other themes. You can also choose whether you want your photography art prints to be framed, matted, or framed and matted.

Depending on your preferences, originals and reprints are both available. You can even find art photographs to help complete any existing collections you might already have.

You can also consider film production photos for your home theater room. The last thing is, your imagination only limits the possibilities.

Avoid the hassle of shopping in galleries. Now you can locate the perfect photo from your home.



Art galleries can be impersonal. They might not lead you to the drawing that you’re seeking. For that and many other cases, skipping the gallery and going through the online market is the best choice.

If you’re looking for drawings like architecture and cityscapes for the office or figures and portraits as a gift for your loved one, you can limit your online search to drawings. People enjoy collecting drawings either by artist, by subject, or by era.

Through an online site, you can easily filter drawing from a specific era, subject or artist. You can even search for the exact type and style of drawing that appeals to you.

If you want to collect the signed landscape by your favorite artist, or the early 1900s charcoal drawings for your home/office; try to search it through online art sites.


oil painting

As you shop for paintings online, you can use several search options that can help you to select your choices. You can browse by the date of creation, by a specific era, or by your preferred medium, such as oil painting on canvas, watercolor paintings, abstract art or acrylic paintings.

Art is a medium that’s personal in nature. Each painting speaks differently to different audiences. So choose as your hearts want.

According to some people, oil paintings are the most impressive pieces of art in the world. Many talented artists have created images with these paintings. Many famous works were created with oils instead of other types of paints.

Everyone should know that there is a difference between a hand-painted picture and Giclee machine painted picture. Giclees are images created on a digital printer. They are recreations of the original work.

A hand-painted oil painting is genuine and demonstrates the human flaws of the artist. But they are costly. On the other hand, Giclees are cheap. Choosing between these two are purely up to the taste of the purchaser.



When you are trying to collect a modern sculpture or carving, going to the nearest art gallery is not the only option. There may not be a gallery near where you live, or the gallery doesn’t have any sculptures. Shopping online for sculptures and carvings can alleviate both of these issues.

There’s a wide range of options available online to help you to find the exact sculpture or carving that you want. You can search by the material, or you can browse by your favorite artist which includes Michael Garman, Sergio Bustamente, and many others. You can even search for a specific style in mind.

So you can find the exact pieces you desire when you shop for sculptures and carvings from online.

How Can I Decide What to Choose

oil paintings for sale

It’s a hard question with an easy answer. Our advice is if you see a piece of art at a shop or online and can’t stop thinking about it, make it yours. If you’re interested in the art collection, we suggest you start off by buying inexpensive originals of subjects you like, such as drawings of figures, or small oils of landscapes, floral, etc. You’ll discover particular artists that appeal to you or find you gravitate towards specific subjects such as ballerinas or animals. Then you can start collecting in earnest. Never buy a work of art as in investment. Buy paintings that you like, that you can hang on your walls, and that you can live with.

In the online shop, you can have art collections including famous works by well-known artists to classic movie posters. They also can be used as your home décor.

Final Word:

The best way in the world about buying arts is to educate yourself about art. Please try to go to a local or regional Art Museum. They are the best way to see what good and great Art is. You have to see the famous paintings to recognize an original oil painting on canvas when you are shopping. You can also go to some large antique show or auction houses and talk with some art dealers about antique art or abstract art. For buying guide on antique, you can read our article antiques and collectibles.

Spending your time with Art or antiques will teach you about it as well. What is your opinion for buying art? Let us know through the comment below.


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