Razer’s Project Valerie: A Gaming Laptop With 3 Screens

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(Last Updated On: March 29, 2019)

Project Valerie, Razer’s concept for a three-screen mega laptop, is something that could feasibly be ready to buy within the not-so-distant future. It can run Battlefield 1 at the 12K resolution with perfectly smooth frame rates.

Razer's Project Valerie Gaming Laptop

There’s no price or release date, as this is far from becoming a real product, but if Razer finds enough demand from users, the company promises to build this crazy invention for real.

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Let’s Explore Razer’s Project Valerie Laptop:


Razer's Project Valerie

Project Valerie looks somehow familiar, that’s because the device was built on top of the existing 17.3-inch Razer Blade Pro chassis. However, the screen design has been completely revamped.

The lid is an entirely new piece housing the same 4K IGZO screen with 100% RGB color available in the Blade Pro, made much thicker now to tuck two more of those 17” panels behind the main display. Razer stated that these are simply two more of the same display, each attached via an articulating arm that sends the panel sliding along rails either in or out from behind the main screen.

So, if Valerie makes it to the market, these displays will eject from behind the primary panel automatically with either a hardware button or through software.

Razer has incorporated its Chroma lighting beneath each of these additional panels that will work with all games that directly support Razer’s lighting tech. It creates an even more premium vibe than the existing keyboard and trackpad lighting.

Oh, and those wings on the back of the lid of the laptop that glows in Razer’s signature green; prevails.


Specs and Performance

Gaming Laptop

The prototype version of the Project Valerie consists of a desktop-class NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card with 8 GB of video RAM, a cool 32 GB of system RAM, and the same vapor-chamber cooling rig found in the single-screened Blade Pro. And don’t forget about those triple 4K display

According to TechRadar, “We were a bit skeptical of whether a single GTX 1080 chip could handle gaming at Ultra settings while pushing to not one, but three 4K displays. After playing some Battlefield 1 at those very settings, consider us cautiously optimistic.”

The laptop gets awfully loud – louder than any gaming laptop while running a game. It is expected in a machine pushing highly detailed visuals to three 4K screens. But it will not become a bother to players who don’t like to game with headphones on.

The laptop weighs just about 12 pounds. It’s not small, but it’s only somewhat larger than most 17” gaming laptops. Perhaps that’s a trade-off we can deal with.

So the key features of this device are:

  • Impressive hardware
  • Eye-catching design
  • Three freaking displays
  • Surprisingly slim, all considered


Final Impressions

Project Valerie Laptop

Project Valerie by Razer is the most exciting concept from the gaming hardware firm yet. It’s a logical extension of the existing Blade Pro. That one uses cases both for a professional and insanely hardcore PC gamer.

Accomplishing a triple-screen 4K gaming at the highest settings from a mobile graphics chip is an incredible feat. To that end, this is one laptop that we sincerely hope we get the opportunity to test in full.

Razer is actively seeking feedback on this concept from its community as well as various tech blog readers.

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Again, this is just a concept piece. Seeing as that Blade Pro starts at $3,700, this laptop would likely set you back at least $6,000 if it ever made its way into the real world.

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