Samsung Galaxy S8: Price and Specs Rumors

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(Last Updated On: October 24, 2017)

Samsung Galaxy S8 will unveil it’s new flagship smartphone – Samsung Galaxy S8 in early 2017 since it typically rolls out its new flagships in the beginning of the year. As far as we know, they might launch it in February or in April.

Samsung Galaxy S8

We have collected all the rumors and news about the phone, so the customers can know about all the latest features on Samsung’s upcoming flagship. Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 will kick off on 27 February. In the event, Samsung could release the Samsung Galaxy S8. If it doesn’t show up at MWC, then April is the probable release date.

We’ve now heard more rumors of an April launch and even a specific release date of April 18 (with an announcement apparently set for late March or early April).

Let’s see what else Samsung Galaxy S8 will bring to us:

Samsung Galaxy S8 News and Rumors

The stream of information on the Samsung Galaxy S8 is slowly growing into a river, though we’re still waiting for strong rumors on what actual components and design we might see – but we’re able to take a very good guess.

Samsung will probably include a 4K screen, a Snapdragon 830 processor, 6GB of RAM and a massively improved camera. There’s even a chance that the Galaxy S8 will have an iris scanner or a foldable screen, though the latter is somewhat less likely.

We’ve divided our thoughts up into sections below –



Industry sources have reported Samsung may make two versions of the Galaxy S8 this year, but both will come with curved screens.

SamMobile is reporting the models are codenamed ‘Dream’ and ‘Dream 2’. One smartphone is with a 5.1” and another is with a 5.5” display. Apparently, the smaller display will be QHD, while the larger one is 4K.

Both will be curved and will have an all-screen design, with a virtual home button rather than a physical one. According to a recent leak, Samsung might add a 3D Touch-like feature to the phone as well.

Samsung is making a big push into VR with its Gear VR headset and one thing it really needs to make the most of that is sharp screens on its phones. Even without the lure of VR a sharper screen wouldn’t be surprising, as a couple of generations of Galaxy devices have now had QHD ones, so Samsung may want to improve the resolution further for the Galaxy S8.



Galaxy S8

Samsung is on to something with the design of the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S7. It’s’ melding of metal and glass has attracted the customers, so we don’t expect huge changes there.

But people like to see changes, so at the very least the design will probably be refined. Samsung slightly curved the back edge of the Galaxy S7, so perhaps it will make the Galaxy S8 even more curved, so it sits even more comfortably in the hand. Or it will focus on making the phone thinner.


Camera and Battery

Samsung is said to be working on a new camera, which will be between 18 and 24MP and have a wide f/1.4 aperture. That extra width could allow more light in and the jump in megapixel count could allow for more detailed images, though while Samsung is apparently working on this camera it hasn’t been specifically linked to the Galaxy S8 yet.

Another rumor, this time from Chinese sources speaking to WCCF Tech, points to a dual-lens camera. Samsung has now registered trademarks for two camera technologies designed to enhance the brightness of images, which is often the role of a secondary lens, further suggesting a dual-lens could be in the works.

The front facing camera could also be in for a change, the Weibo source claiming that the Galaxy S8 will have an 8MP camera on the front, up from 5MP on the Galaxy S7. It could also get an autofocus, which is a feature usually reserved for rear cameras, as they need to focus at various distances.

The only battery rumor so far suggests that the Galaxy S8 will have a huge 4200 mAh juice pack with support for both wireless and fast charging. Though there is a doubt that Samsung will squeeze a battery that big in, hopefully, the company won’t reverse the good work it’s done on the S7, which has a better life than the S6 before it.

The Galaxy S7 has a 3000 mAh juice pack and with any luck, the battery in the S8 will be even larger, or at least more efficient. It might need to be if Samsung pushes the screen resolution up.


OS and Power

The Snapdragon 835 isn’t official yet, but it has been rumored and is likely the name for the next major flagship smartphone chip from Qualcomm. It’s likely to be faster, smaller and more efficient than its predecessor.

A leak suggests the Galaxy S8 could have a 3.2 GHz octa-core Snapdragon processor, which certainly sounds fast.

More specifically, the US will probably get a Snapdragon chip, while most of the rest of the world will likely get an Exynos one. Rumors suggest it will be the Exynos 8895, which is apparently clocked at up to 3 GHz (up from 2.3 GHz on the Exynos 8890 in the S7) and is supposedly also optimized for low power usage, as well as improving image processing performance by over 70%.

That extra power will really come in handy if Samsung plans to put a 4K screen on the Galaxy S8 or use it for high-end VR content – our betting is that both Samsung’s and Qualcomm’s chips will be heavily focused on making VR the best experience it can possibly be, which will be a boon for Gear VR wearers.

Samsung’s also applied to trademark “beast mode”, which could be a supercharged setting designed to make the most of VR.

As for RAM, early rumors point to 6 GB, or the S8 might have even more. According to TechRadar, Samsung has created an 8 GB RAM compatible with smartphones, though it hasn’t been specifically linked to the S8.


Other Features

Samsung new phone

The S Pen stylus is a big feature of the Galaxy Note range, and recent rumors suggest it could also be coming to the Galaxy S8, as an optional extra. That suggests Samsung could be aiming to make the phone better for productivity.

A source has suggested we’ll see an iris scanner, along with 64 GB and 128 GB storage capacities, a microSD card slot and, oddly, a mini projector. Another rumor points to up to 256 GB of storage, which would be a huge jump on the maximum of 64 GB that’s built into the Galaxy S7.

One feature that’s been confirmed by Samsung is the Viv AI assistant, which is a bit like Siri. In fact, some of the makers of Siri created it, but Samsung bought the company and is planning to build Viv into the S8. Samsung is seemingly making Viv a focus of the S8, with one prototype apparently even featuring a dedicated button to launch the assistant.

According to a Weibo source, Samsung might also build a fingerprint scanner right into the S8’s display allowing it to eliminate the home button entirely. The tech exists but would be a smartphone first if Samsung does use it.

Samsung’s ‘Smart Glow’ feature has also popped up again. It is now only available on the Galaxy J2. Additional functions like heart rate readings and the ability to light up in different colors to represent different weather conditions appear likely to be added to later versions of it.

Other than those features, a reversible USB Type-C connector is likely to be added. It is already available in the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung is likely to continue offering other features its flagships are known for.


A Weibo post predicts $850 (SIM-free) price for the Samsung Galaxy S8 with no evidence to back it up.

A similarly evidence-free claim has been made that while the materials for S8 will apparently cost 28% more than the S7, the cost to consumers will be the same.

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