Selfly Camera Drone Phone Case Review


Selfly is an autonomous flying camera which doubles as a phone case. Using high-end stabilization technology, it can quickly snap off your phone & be an autonomous flying camera when you want to use it. Users can simply snap it off their phone, set in the air & let it do its magic. Actually, Selfly camera drone phone case flies all by itself.

selfly camera drone phone case

Selfly is built from scratch to perform as an invisible tripod. It will hover autonomously in the air & wait for control orders sent by the app from your smartphone. The devices work is based on video processing to execute the perfect shot.

For a better picture quality than this, you will need a digital camera. For that, you can check our Best Digital Camera under 300 Dollars.

Let’s analyze the beautiful technology of Selfly camera drone phone case:


SELFLY camera and selfie drone

Mini drones have become quite popular in recent years, and Selfly is a very simple one. So the technological challenge wasn’t high. Since it uses existing technology, in order to enable a new kind of mini-drone use compacting it into a phone case was possible to implement.

This drone cum phone case is very slim & affordable. Its patent pending folding mechanism enables it to fold into a 9 mm thin phone case with chic design. It fits comfortably in your pocket so it can be with you at all times.

The dimension of this phone case is (131 x 66 x 9) mm. It works with Wi-Fi. The onboard camera is 8 MP. It can snap photo 1080p at 30 fps. Its weight is only 70 gm.



SELFLY phone case

The heart of this system is the software & it’s communication with the smartphone. It has an optional control mode. In all modes; the default action is stable hovering, just like an invisible tripod.

There is basic control systems FLY BY STICK. Here you can use control sticks or the phones gravity sensor in the ‘traditional good old way’. The full development and source code for the SELFLY’s user application will be released. You can modify the control by using any of the phone’s abilities to add amazing control options.

In ‘photo-based initiative control’- you can manipulate the picture on the screen  & the selfie drone will perform accordingly. It’s a simple initiative and fun.

HD video is recorded to RAM on the drone and is stored as raw data. Lower quality 1st pilot view is sent to the app for controlling this selfie drone by the user. Once you’re satisfied with the settings, you can take a high-resolution photo which is immediately transferred to the phone. The high-quality data sent depends on the bandwidth availability.

This selfie drone can operate for 5 minutes at the air – enough to take many selfies, about 15-20 selfie flight maneuvers before its battery capacity falls under 15%. With the power bank, you can recharge more than 10 times.



The phone case design of this drone is unique to every smartphone, yet the same flying camera fits them all. All 4 to 6-inch smartphones can fit in it using the Universal Flip Cover Case.

selfie drone phone case

Its software is fully compatible with Android & iOS. It is also available in black & white color.



  • It provides a very stable autonomous flight.
  • Only 9 mm thin.
  • Being a slim phone case, it is always with you.
  • Use smartphone computing power.
  • Amazing selfie drone.
  • Affordable price



It is the 1st camera to seamlessly attach to phones & fly by itself. With the case on, you can still slide your phone in & out of most pockets which makes it much simpler to always have an aerial camera on hand.

The product was launched on Kickstarter in the early February of 2017. The campaign ended on March 10, 2017. Check out the video on this selfie drone camera-

The price for one SELFLY camera kit was $99 – only on Kickstarter. The expected retail price will be higher than this. Estimated delivery of this product is in June 2017.

When the Selfly camera drone phone case will be available in the market, you will get it here at reasonable prices with price comparison.


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