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(Last Updated On: May 13, 2019)

We are living in the era of smartphones. It is now an everyday usable commodity. So we become very choosy when we going to buy a smartphone & in the process also become confused. Here are some tips before you buy a smartphone.


Let’s Analyze-

Match It With Your Lifestyle

Before you start looking for buying a smartphone, you must think of yourself and the way of life that you are living. It may sound irrelevant but let me set some examples:

  • If you work in constructions, you may want to look for a shock resistant, compact, Gorilla Glass touchscreen;
  • If you work in an office you may need some special applications that could help with your work in your job or favorite activities;
  • If you are a sports person, you should try to find a light smartphone with features that will help you with your sports and could take a fall or two in the outdoors.

Smartphone or Feature Phone?

smartphone and feature phone

Now you could wonder, what’s the difference between a feature phone & smartphone? And why should you buy a smartphone? What makes the difference between a smartphone and any other mobile phones are some special useful features like:

  • A high-performance processor for multi-tasking;
  • A fast and reliable internet connection for internet browsing;
  • A friendly interface which is very easy to use;
  • Plenty of storage space for storing personal data;
  • Reduced dimensions and weight for easy handling.

These are the features that make a phone appear as “smart”. And a smartphone can help in your day to day’s activities. You can do more than just calling someone. It is your personal digital assistant with many useful features.

Check The Specifications 

After you have established what kind of person you are and what kind of help you could need from a smartphone, you can start a search and take the following factors in your notion in the following order:

  • Look for a Processor with over 800 MHz frequencies, the bigger the frequency, the faster the processing;
  • Search for a good internet connection. Standards like 2G, 3G or 4G represent the speed. I recommend at least a 3G connectivity;
  • Wi-Fi represents the possibility to connect to any Wi-Fi hotspot or wireless router for establishing a powerful internet connection;
  • Plenty of storage space, I recommend over 6 GB if you will have HD photos or movies on the device;
  • A good display over 4″ diagonal, LED, AMOLED or Retina is the ones I recommend. Try to choose only capacitive touchscreens because the resistive ones require you to “push” the screen and they don’t work so well;
  • Think about the Operating System (OS) too because it represents the interface that you will be using the entire time on that specific smartphone. Every different OS comes with its own set of features so make sure to see what it offers. iOS from Apple and Android from Google are the best out there in my opinion but there are also Samsung or Blackberry and other ones that can really keep up with the competition;
  • Last but not least is the design. A smartphone these days is simply an artistic masterpiece. With minimalistic, slick, or eccentric designs the smartphones always make it in the spotlights so this one is simply up to you because only you know better what style suits you best.

Final Word

Ultimately it depends on your Choice of selecting a perfect smartphone for yourself.


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