Top 10 Gadgets from The Big Companies at CES 2017

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(Last Updated On: October 24, 2017)

CES 2017 ended with a lot of new gadgets unveiling. The big companies were at the show with their latest technologies & innovations. It was an awesome moment for gadgets geek.

CES 2017 Top 10 gadgets

Here is the summary of top 10 gadgets from some of the renowned companies:


CES 2017 Top gadget LG-W7

LG arguably stole the show at CES 2017, showing off a high-spec set of its amazing new LG Signature OLED W7, which the company describes as the “lightest, thinnest, and most beautiful TV on the planet.”

LG arguably stole the show at CES 2017, showing off a high-spec set of its amazing new LG Signature OLED W7, which the company describes as the “lightest, thinnest, and most beautiful TV on the planet.”

The TV is an absolute stunner. Measuring a wafer-thin 2.57mm, it’s a true “picture-in-wall” telly, as LG has chosen to describe it, and will come available in 65” and 77” models running on a new version of LG’s custom TV software, web OS 3.5 – generally regarded as the best on the market. It can deliver 4k HDR pictures with an impressive sound quality.



Nvidia Smart Shield

According to many consumers, the most interesting CES 2017 reveal came from Nvidia, which updated its Android-powered Shield TV box with a number of new features.

Nvidia has got a case of the Apples and calls the refreshed box simply ‘the Shield’ – with 4K HDR capabilities.

The device can stream content from YouTube and built-in Netflix in 4K as well as Google Play Movies, Amazon Video, and games streaming to its 4K arsenal. Just as intriguingly, the new Shield also comes with Google Assistant built in, complete with the usual array of voice-based music control and video playback functionality, with things like Samsung Smart Things.

There’s even an accompanying peripheral – Nvidia Spot. Similar to Amazon’s Echo Dot, you plug it in anywhere in your home and it picks up your voice commands.




Sony finally joined the OLED party at CES 2017, announcing its first ‘proper’ OLED TV, the A1E.

Quite apart from being an OLED TV, it has a ‘unique’ way of producing sound. Instead of speakers or a sound bar, which is the common way many slim TVs give you sound, the AE1 literally vibrates the TV panel to produce sound. In other words, the sound comes straight from the screen. And that’s just a mind blowing idea!

After spending some quality time with the new set, which comes in 55”, 65”, and 77” models, Home Technology Editor Ced Yuen deemed it “one of the most exciting TVs of 2017.”



HTC Vive Wireless

We were expecting something fairly big from HTC at CES 2017, and it didn’t disappoint.

They significantly bolstering its Vive range. It’s not quite ‘Vive 2’, but there are a slew of new accessories to play with, not least the semi-mythical TPCasst-designed add-on that makes your HTC Vive VR experience completely wireless.

The company also launched a bunch of new software, most notably the world’s first VR subscription service, which it claims will be the “Netflix for virtual reality”.



Samsung QLED TV Q9F

At CES 2017, Samsung launched its new class of ‘QLED’ TVs.

QLED actually stands for ‘Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode’. There are three new high-end sets coming in all: the flat Samsung Q9F, curved Q8C, and the Q7, which is available in both flat and curved models.

The QLED range replaces Samsung‘s SUHD TVs as the firm’s flagship line, with the new models set to be available in four sizes: 55, 65, 75 and 88 inches. According to the analysts, it is the “most anticipated” new TVs of 2017 after they gave a Samsung Q9F hands-on review.



Asus ZenFone AR

Handsets aren’t front and center at CES like TVs are, but 2017 produced a few interesting new phones, not least the Asus ZenFone AR.

In fact, Asus unveiled 2 new mobiles- the ZenFone 3 Zoom & the ZenFone AR in which Asus beautifully integrated augmented & virtual reality in a single handset.

It also supports Daydream VR.



Sevenhugs Smart Remote

The highlight of CES 2017 was definitely on the new Smart Remote from Sevenhugs.

It tackles a genuinely annoying problem & it offers a unified way to control all your smart gadgets.

This tiny handheld gadget promises to be a smart remote for everything. It has a 3.53” screen adapts to whatever device it’s pointing at. For example, aim it at your Samsung Smart TV and it’ll let you scroll through your subscribed channel list. Point it at your Philips Hue lamp instead and you can turn it on and off or change its color. The remote uses WiFi, Bluetooth, and Infrared to connect to most home entertainment and IoT gadgets.



Dell XPS 13 Convertible

Dell announced a major refresh of its XPS 13 laptop on the eve of CES 2017.

Fast forward and it’s still one of the clear standouts from the show. The new XPS 13 is a 2-in-1 convertible with a touch-screen display. It is designed to rival some of the devices in Lenovo’s Yoga series. Full HD and QHD models will be offered with a foldable hinge. It will allow you to use it in a variety of positions.

It’ll come with the latest Intel Kaby Lake architecture (Core i5 or Core i7) and offer two USB-C ports. Dell is claiming around 15 hours of battery life on the FHD model, and that will obviously drop significantly on the QHD display version.



Kingston Ultimate GT

We’ve got to admire Kingston, who, amidst the slew of attractive & stylish new TVs, high-spec laptops, and shiny smartphones, announced a USB stick at CES. Except it’s not just any old USB stick. It’s a big USB stick.

And we’re talking about Kingston‘s new Data Traveler Ultimate GT, a monster 2 TB USB flash drive. It’s now the world’s largest device of its kind.



Dell Canvas

Dell launched an assault on Microsoft’s Surface Studio at CES 2017, unveiling its touch-screen Canvas work surface.

The Dell Canvas is essentially a 27” touch screen monitor that can also lie flat and double as an interactive creative work surface.
You can use a stylus or your fingers to interact with your work and control the various software features which sit on top of the hardware.

While it’s still early days for the Canvas, it is an “exceptionally clever” concept. Computing Editor Michael Passingham reckons it will “prove to be a popular alternative to the Surface Studio.”


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