CEL Fix Check Engine Light Eliminator Adapter, O2 Sensor

CEL Fix Check Engine Light Eliminator Adapter, O2 Sensor

CEL Fix Check Engine Light Eliminator Adapter, O2 Sensor Extender - UniversalTired of getting that annoying Check Engine Light (CEL) that can result from removing or replacing your catalytic converter?Qty Per Order: 1 Individual CEL AdapterWhen would I use a Check Engine Light Eliminator (O2 Sensor Extender)?Excellent for those with an upgraded exhaust system, test pipe, catalytic converter delete pipe or modified exhaust.What causes my Check Engine Light to illuminate in the first place?Often times, when a test pipe is utilized, a Check Engine Light will come on with an O2 sensor code. This is due to the increased exhaust temp caused by the lack of a catalytic converter.How does the Zerg Check Engine Light Eliminator Adapter work?The Zerg CEL Eliminator simply spaces the O2 sensor up and out of the mainstream of the exhaust flow, eliminating excessive heating, while still allowing the O2 sensor to read the exhaust flow content.FeaturesMade from high-grade plated steelSimply threads into the existing bungPitch: 18x1.5Length: 46mm Notes:Check clearance before purchasingPlease note that this adapter is ONLY for use with the DOWNSTREAM o2 sensorThat means the one AFTER the catalytic converter. The sole purpose of this sensor is to tell the car how efficiently the cats are performing. THAT'S IT. The front o2 sensor is for engine performance monitoring. If you install this on the front cat, very bad things will happen, and produce MORE codes than you started with!Has no impact on gas mileage so don't buy it for that purpose350Z, 370Z, G37 and G35 all require 2 Cel Fix AdaptersSuggestion: Use anti-seize on the threads

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