Proactiv 3 Step System 90Day Kit + free shipping EXP 10/2018

Proactiv 3 Step System 90Day Kit + free shipping EXP 10/2018

Proactiv 90 day 3pc Kit Proactive Solution Proactiv : 6oz Revitalizing Toner + 6oz Renewing Cleanser + 3oz Repairing Treatment EXP Date 2018 Included is the following: Revitalizing Toner - 6oz/180ml (no expire) Renewing Cleanser - 6oz/180ml Repairing Treatment - 3oz/180ml Description: Renewing Cleanser: This is the new formula which contains micro-crystal benzoyl peroxide (prescription strength 2.5%). The smaller,finer particles provide faster, better results because they can deeply penetrate into the pore and kill acne causing bacteria. Exfoliating beads will cleanse the skin and remove dead skin cells, impurities, and excess oil. Revitalizing Toner: Continues the exfoliation process from step 1 and helps to open clogged pores. Helps to maintain an even-toned complexion and balance skin to avoid skin feeling excessively tight. Repairing Treatment: New formula lotion containing 2.5% prescription strength Benzoyl Peroxide which helps to kill the bacteria that causes acne. This lotion is invisible and can be worn day and night, under moisturizer, sunscreen, and makeup. Also contains aloe, allantoin, and panthenol to help maintain hydration and help the healing process. *** Come with a subscription but don't worry about it, it will be cancel right when you received your items(free of charge). And you won't need to pay for anything else, except what you paid for me.

Expiration Date2018

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