Real powerful kruba Krissana 5 yant row ring same as Angelina Jolie's tattoo!!

Real powerful kruba Krissana 5 yant row ring same as Angelina Jolie's tattoo!!

This is for 1 genuine very powerful Kruba Krissana 5 yant row ring BE2559 for luck, wealth, love, charm. It is made of stainless steel, adjustable and unisex. It has been intensely blessed by Kruba himself. This is directly from the temple. It serves same purpose as Angelina Jolie's 5 yant rows tattoo. Please don't miss this beautiful and powerful amulet. It is rare that sacred amulets that look so trendy as this one. I am always trying my best to find powerful and nice looking amulets. This ring come with the original packaging from the temple. All my Kruba Krissana amulets have been personally re-blessed for my clients, please see my photos attached. I guarantee all my items listed are real, and fully blessed in temples. Hah Taew, 5 lines, the five row yantra. represents 5 yant’s or magical spells. Yants are chants, or Khatas and the sounds are pronounced over and over to invoke a state of the mind where the mind can create magical spells. They are chanted 108 times (I have just learnt that 108 means a lot in Thai, it’s a saying) before entering the high level of meditation. Each one will be done individually and the following magical spells have been cast on each line described below. 1. The first row prevents unjust punishment and leans in your favour when the area is grey, cleans out unwanted spirits and protects the place you live in.2. The second row reverses and protects against bad horoscope constellations and bad fortune.3. The third row protects you from the use of black magic and anyone who tries to put a curse on you.4. The fourth row energizes your good luck, success and fortune in your future ambitions and life style.5. The fifth row is to gain charisma and attraction to the opposite sex. It also is a boost to the fourth row. I strongly recommend to also get the see pheung wax or oil from Kruba Krissana (available on my listings). So that you can apply on it regularly to make it more powerful each day. Please don't miss this powerful talisman to increase or bring wealth and luck in your life. Some websites are listing it for 60.00!!!! The effects of Kruba Krissana's amulets are: Helps in creating business opportunities and drawing wealth Dissolving disharmony and discord between people Easier to find help from people around Conquering and eliminating enemies Grants wishes and helps you achieve your aims Phra Kruba Krissana Intawanno was born in August 1, 2497. He is the 9th child in the family with total 10 children. Kruba took up the robes as monk under Phra Kruba Pu and follow him on Tudong to Cambodia and Laos. When Kruba was 25 years old, he received his Bhikku ordination on October 27, 2522. His monkhood name "Intawanno" was given at that time. After that, Kruba spent 10 years studied Buddhist holy texts and practice meditation in theforest which located in the Northern part of Thailand. In 2532, Kruba resided in a cave above the Moonbon Dam in Khonburi. After 3 years, local people knowing about a great monk in their area thus they request Kruba to move the the forest and build the Wat Pa Mahawan. Facilities were built and a pond of water supplied as dug with the help and efforts of the local people. Kruba used the earth from the newly dug pond to make the Salika Couple as sacred object of worship and bless by Kruba himself. After that Kruba continue making his Butterfly amulet which actually a pair of Salika. Restrictions for wearing sacred amulets: – Don’t bring amulets with you when you go to improper place such as a brothel – Don’t wear amulets when doing sexual activities. – Don't wear it below the waist. The experience of the power of sacred amulets depends on each person's karma. We should do good things to accumulate merits and remove all bad things in our lives. Always keep faith and good things will come to you. Please let me know if you have any questions.


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