Infant Sleep Pillow Wedge For Babies

Infant Sleep Pillow Wedge For Babies

You are going to love this blessing that is filled with breathable foam, and is covered in a smooth, quality, velvet sheet. This Infant Sleep Pillow is intelligently designed with dual wedges for firm back and side support. The most important aspect is of course, the fact that this pillow wedge will prevent your baby from rolling on their front when sleeping. That is the primary factor that induces SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). SIDS is a leading cause of death among children under 1 year of age. The Creed infant pillow has also been known the prevent Flat Head Syndrome, which plagues many babies due the constant sleep in the same position. As might be expected, that same benefit would avert baldness and aid the advantage in hair growth. The 45-degree incline was designed to form the wedge which provides exceptional stability and the light weight feature makes it convenient for transporting. This product was included with a removable cover so it may be washed as you please. Remember to remove the foam wedges before washing. The cover may be removed by locating the zipper on the underside. The zipper included is an inverted inside zipper that does not protrude from the pillow and poses no danger to the infant. This product is BPA free without any added odors, and was made with GMO-free cotton. NEVER Leave Infants Unsupervised/ Unattended. Never Use This Product Near Heat Sources Such As Radiators, Light Bulbs, Stoves, Fires…etc.

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