Viking Electronics Loop and Ring Detector Board (LDB-3)

Viking Electronics Loop and Ring Detector Board (LDB-3)


Viking Electronics Loop and Ring Detector Board (LDB-3) Viking Advanced Loop Detector loop detect board for ring and line "in use" contact closuresProvide a contact closure during ringing and/or off-hookMonitors an analog phone line for ringing or an off hook conditionA built-in relay can be activated when either of these conditions are detectedThis is ideal for monitoring line status or for providing a visual indication of suchDisable input is ideal for two-button emergency phones, such as Viking's E-1600-20A, allowing "Info" button calls to be placed without activating the relay (turning on the emergency strobe light, camera, etc.)3 DIP switches are provided for turning ring detection on or off, off-hook loop detection on or off and for selecting a ring cadence mode which allows the relay to follow ringing or to remain activated during the off time of standard ring cadenceComplete with a 12 VDC power adapterCan also provide switched 12VDC .35 Amp output to power external lights, etc. during ringing and/or off-hook conditionsApplications: control a strobe or beacon light for ring indication, provide relay closures on off-hook, trigger a security camera, trigger a tape recorder, phone "in use" indicatorDetects ring voltage and off hook loop currentOn/off switches for ring detection and off hook/loop detectionScrew terminal connectionsSelectable ring cadence mode (relay can remain on between rings)Wall mountable with foam tape (included) or screws (not included)Switched 12V DC output (follows relay activation for powering strobe lights, cameras, etc.)One set of (NO) normally open and (NC) normally closed relay contacts providedDisable input, ideal for use with two-button emergency phones (E-1600-20A), will not activate relay on "Info" callsMade in the USA1 Year manufacturer's warrantyPower: 120V AC to 12V DC adapter providedVKLDB3 Listing and template services provided by inkFrog Open.

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