How to Buy Used or Refurbished iPhone 7 at Reasonable Prices

Apple Inc. comes with its new smartphone flagship- iphone 7. The tech giant is calling it the most advanced iphone.
Buy iPhone 7 at Reasonable Price
If you are searching for a reliable source for buying used or refurbished iPhone 7 at reasonable prices, we have the solution for you. We will also provide you some important tips that will help you to buy a flawless used or refurbished iPhone 7.


There are several questions you must ask before buying a used iPhone 7. The first thing is, how much should you pay for a used iPhone 7? You can check the price list of that at eBay or Amazon. You can sort reasonable priced used or refurbished iPhone from the lowest to the highest. You can bargain with the seller to buy a refurbished or a used smartphone at a reasonable price.

Question You Should Ask 

You should ask the seller if there is any kind of damage in the phone, especially water damage. iPhone 7 is water resistant but the company doesn’t cover warranty for water damage. So you better check it. The iPhone has a moisture detector under its battery.

Other important questions you have to ask the seller are – Why is he or she is selling their iPhone? Does the iPhone have ever been dropped? Does the iPhone have any scratches? Does the iPhone is still under warranty and if so, for how much longer?

Check For This Issues

When you are going to buy a refurbished iPhone 7, you also have to check about the water damage. Checking for water damage is easy. Just gently lift the battery out of the iPhone to see a tiny white colored dot. If the dot is red colored or no dot at all, then it is a clear indication that the iPhone has been exposed to moisture.

Whether you buy a used or refurbished iPhone 7, you must check if the phone is blacklisted or not. Every iPhone has an ESN (Electronic Serial Number). You can check it from the Apple website. If the iPhone is stolen & reported, then it goes to blacklist and you will not be able to activate it.

Another thing you should check is if the iPhone is locked or unlocked. If the seller says “Unlocked”, that means the phone can be used on any GSM network. If the seller says “Locked”, then the iPhone can only be used with a particular carrier or network the seller mentions.


Finally, try to arrange some return policy in the event you get a defective phone set or is not as described before the purchase. You should only purchase used or refurbished iPhone 7 from a seller that has at least a 3 or better feedback rating. Always bargain for a return policy & reasonable price.


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