GoPro Hero 5 Black Specs

GoPro has become a very well known brand for an action camera. It is simple enough for anyone to use and also small enough to carry. It's just a supremely good value for the price.

Now years after the last big Hero camera, GoPro is back with a significant update that packs in more features with a cheaper price. The new GoPro Hero5 Black is an awesome powerful piece of kit with some of its flaws.

Let's see what GoPro Hero5 Black brings us:


While the Hero 4 and Hero 5 largely look similar, the new action cam features a significant durability improvement: it's completely waterproof. GoPro had to adjust the gadget's design to make way for all the seals necessary for this waterproofing. That's why the battery isn't the same as before. And this is the reason why the USB-C and micro HDMI ports are hidden behind a little door which is difficult to open. It's a wonderful trade-off because the Hero 4 required a case to be waterproof, which made the camera bulky and obnoxious to interact with. But the Hero 5 can go deep into 10.06m without a case.

This new high-performance monster now includes a rear touch display, super-easy one-button control, 4K video recording comes as a standard and voice activation makes it very user-friendly. The overall experience has been abridged to make capturing the action as painless as possible.

According to GoPro, the Hero 5 is “Simply the best GoPro, ever.”



So here are the key features of the GoPro Hero 5 Black:

  • 4K/30fps maximum resolution video
  • Waterproof  without a case (10m)
  • Dual microphones
  • GPS, Wi-Fi
  • Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS)
  • 2” touch display
  • RAW photography and Wide Dynamic Range
  • Voice-activated camera controls
  • Easy-to-use range of editing apps
  • Improved design


Final Word:

But there are some minor problems which need to be addressed. The touchscreen becomes fiddly in the wet situation, editing on the desktop is still clunky, no EIS in 4K video and the old batteries are incompatible with this. Recording in 4K at 30 fps will drain the battery very fast. The battery is also slightly weak than the Hero 4.



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