Top 10 Mostly Needed Fishing Equipment

Fishing is a fantastic, manly pastime. It’s a great way to relax and catch up with old buds or quiet your mind after a rough week of work. But before you head out to the old fishing hole, you need to have the well-stocked fishing equipment. If you are a Pro at this, then you will definitely know these things. But if you are going to fishing as a first timer, you should know about this equipment for fishing.

top 10 mostly needed fishing equipment

The equipment of fishing often come down to personal preferences. The equipment will also change depending on the type of fish you’re angling to catch. But every angler should have some basic items.

Here are the 10 things we came up with that every man should carry when go fishing:


A soft tackle bag

One of the fastest ways to start catching more fishes is to get organized. Once you know exactly where everything in your fishing arsenal is you’ll be able to call on that piece of equipment on a moment’s notice. This means organizing your rods as well as your tackle, and in order to do the latter, you’re going to need a dependable tackle back. Once you pick up a few of these you organize your tackle by freshwater and saltwater, then by size, then by species.




Fishing rods

It is a must thing for fishing. You will need a strong & sophisticated fishing rod. If you are a Pro, then we guess that you will keep a couple of fishing rods. And there are several of them in the market.




Fishing reels

Fishing rods must need a fishing reel or spinning reel. Choose the durable, silky smooth reel. High-tenacity nylon or polyester twins are the best.




The old hook and worm should be enough for most of your fishing needs. But sometimes you’ll want to bust out some of the more complex lures in order to up your game.

A couple of lures

There are literally hundreds of types of fishing lures to choose from: spinners and spoons, minnow imitations, and top water lure to name a few. Each type of lure is designed to behave a certain way in the water in order to attract fish. For example, the minnow imitations are lures that look like small swimming minnows. Many medium and large-sized fish like to munch on minnows, so it can be an effective lure. Spinners have a blade attached to them that creates a spinning action to attract fish. The type of lure you use is a matter of personal preference.

Try to get various lures which have some weight with them, so they get down in moving water. Lures with multiple treble hooks are likely to convert every strike into a fish.




Fishing hooks

Stock your tackle box with a variety of hooks so you’re ready for any sort of fish. We would recommend you to stick with the Circle hook. Circle hooks have completely revolutionized saltwater fishing. The rise of circle hooks in fishing have led to infinitely more catches, as the hook shape does most of the setting of the hook, and once the fish is hooked it’s pretty much on that hook until you release it. Circle hooks haven’t taken off in the freshwater fishing scene quite as prominently as they have in saltwater, but they’re getting there.

No matter what type of hook you carry, make sure you have them in different sizes. You don’t want to fish for river trout using a hook that’s sized for a 120-pound catfish. Sizes range from the very smallest at a number 32 to the very largest at 19/0.




Plastic worms

We understand that you are a big fan of using live bait, but it’s always good to have a package of plastic worms in your tackle box, especially if you’re bass fishing. Plastic worms come in a variety of colors and sizes. The worms with the long tails are probably the easiest to use.

Some people think that choosing the right rubber worm to fish with is a big decision, but it’s a relatively easy decision. All you need to know when choosing a rubber worm is what you’re fishing for, or more specifically what that fish eats. Do a little research on whatever it is your target species is most likely to eat, and then match the pattern to that baitfish. Do that and you’ll catch a lot more fish.




Needle nose pliers

Needle nose pliers are needed for taking the hooks out of the fish after you catch them. They’re also sometimes needed to take the hooks out of you. Our favorite needle nose plier is from The Fishing Tree. It has a lifetime guarantee, which is something that’s hard to come by in the fishing world due to the amount of wear and tear you put on equipment. These pliers are perfect for pulling the hook out of a fish’s mouth, for cutting line or tackle, and all sorts of rigging. The pouch they come in will sit on your belt loop, tuck right into the cup holder on your boat, or sit in the corner of your tackle box and take up virtually zero space.




Small first aid kit

Hopefully, you won’t have any major medical emergencies while you’re fishing. But small injuries are likely to happen, like getting a hook caught in your thumb or falling down and getting scraped up. For these sorts of things, it’s good to have a small first aid kit on hand. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Just throw in some band-aids, Neosporin, a few small bandages, and some waterproof medical tape. That should take care of most fishing-related injuries.




Mosquito & insect repellent

Buy a lot of them, just buy it. In order to maintain your sanity while on the water you’re going to need to stay bug-free. Seriously, buy a few of these and just toss them in your tackle box and thank me next time you need them and they’re there for you. We recommend Bull Frog for you.





When you’re fishing, you’re going to be out in the sun all day. In order to keep your face protected from the sun, slather on some sunscreen. Face it. You’ll probably forget to put it on before you leave the house. Just keep it in your tackle box, so when you open it up; you’ll be reminded to put it on.


These are all important & most needed fishing equipment. Get these & prepare yourself for the upcoming fishing season.

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