Xplotter - Desktop Plotter, Laser Cutter and Engraver

XPlotter is an affordable and easy to use desktop CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Plotter, Laser Cutter and Engraver.

Xplotter Desktop Plotter

XPlotter, created by Pinecone Robotics, is for the makers, hobbyists, and crafters looking for an affordable desktop CNC plotter, laser cutter, and engraver.It offers a wealth of different functions that can be used on a wide variety of different materials depending on your needs.It has a (300 x 245 x 10mm) working area.

Let's analyze this desktop plotter:


The developers of XPlotter explain more about its inspiration and design -

“XPlotter is designed to create a new definition of a plotter. By integrating the laser engraver and cutter into the mechanism, it becomes a versatile yet affordable desktop tool for artists, craftsmen and makers to set their imagination free. XPlotter is not just capable of simulating real effects of handmade drawing and writing, cutting out and laser engraving on different materials as people like, but also be able to pick and place objects with great accuracy, leaving room for secondary development on more applications.”

What Can You Do With The Engraver?

You must be tired of using the same products as any other. How about customizing your individual style? For instance, you can engrave your own phone case and music box, or anything that is suitable for laser operation. Turning your (or other people’s) favorite picture into a laser-engraved form could also be amazing and of great fun. Let alone it can help make a unique gift to the person you care. You can also write your gift cards or draw an awesome picture of your cat (or anything).

It Can Write

The writing of XPlotter features handmade effects. Indeed, the process is almost the same as that of a human hand writing. It is accomplished stroke by stroke with a real pen at the certain angle to the paper but just by a robotic arm, which moves in a steady programmed way.

XPlotter allows you to produces good writing in any fonts and styles you like without making any typos, stains on the paper, while retaining the realistic feel of handwriting. A pen is not the only choice for XPlotter. As the pen holder is adjustable, it fits various implements, such as pencils, markers, charcoal, chalks and so much more.

People often feel comfortable and respected in front of nice handwritings. You can spread this feeling through people around you with the help of our XPlotter. There could be a wide range of applications:

  • Cards or notes or letters
  • Cool posters (could combine with the drawing of XPlotter)
  • Customized signature
  • Invitations

Place cards for conferences and important social events

It Can Draw

Desktop Plotter

XPlotter draws pictures in two different ways. The drawing can be executed in pen, ballpoint pen, watercolor, pencil, etc. You can choose a picture and upload it on the computer. Then XPlotter could start drawing it on the paper. It is not simply “printing” the images you choose but a process involves a lot of techniques. Like the cute cats drawing in here, in order to portray the texture of the fluffy fur, XPlotter uses varied length and density of lines to render the shading on the cat, making them look more vivid and real. On the contrary, printers often fail to reappear the texture and details of the original picture.


Desktop Plotter and Engraver

You can also let XPlotter draw on its own via the program, that’s how the colorful tree was painted. Unlike the upload-and-draw way, XPlotter will totally listen to his internal voice (the program) and create images randomly without repeating the same for twice. Every picture is unique. Isn’t it wonderful!!



It Can Engrave & Cut With  Laser

Desktop Engraver

XPlotter is more than a plotter. It could transform into laser engraver and can engrave directly on a wide range of materials like wood, leather, fabric etc. Equipped with a powerful laser, XPlotter is able to engrave a work of art within a short of time.

TheXPlotter can also be the laser cutting machine. XPlotter laser cutter is a great tool that expands the field of creation from the two-dimensional world to a three-dimensional one. It is capable of cutting up to 3 mm of wood.


Laser Cutter and Engraver

Once the pieces were cut out from the board, the happy time of assembly would start. You can make yourself a decorative lampshade or other interesting works involves in fitting and assembling. Models require high precision can also be done by XPlotter. It would be convenient for architects, artists and makers to build up their own models unmistakably through theXPlotter. Since XPlotter could cut graphs into tangible pieces, it provides a good chance to verify the prototypes in a more direct way, e.g. making a moving Nautilus Gears.



It Can Pick and Place

“X” is a mysterious letter, indicating something or someone that is unknown or unclear, which requires endless exploring and discovering. That is exactly what the company wish for their robot.

Xplotter Desktop Plotter and Engraver

XPlotter could be far beyond a plotter, a laser engraver, and a cutter if you let yourself go out of the box. There is a built-in vacuum pump system, enablingXPlotter to pick and place at a high speed and feature a precision within 0.012mm. It only takes you a few minutes to change the end effector into a vacuum suction cup, which is powerful enough to grab spherical items. The company will open source the interface for you to conduct a secondary development. XPlotter can become a medium for your further innovations.For example, you can make XPlotter playing the chess with you.

About Safety Use

Desktop Plotter, Laser Cutter and Engraver

Safety is always a big concern. Lasers are potentially hazardous as it could be powerful enough to burn and cut things. The laser the XPlotter uses for cutting & engraving is of high power.In order to minimize the potential risks of laser accidents, the company offers a specifically designed goggles for XPlotter to protect your eyes during laser working. On the other hand, a Velcro sticker pad was designed for Laser head with a view to avoiding excessive scattering of the laser. If unfortunately, you expose your skin under the working on laser head before you realize it, just press the quick shut down key as soon as possible to avoid further injury to the skin. Being alert is necessarily important when you engrave.





This affordable desktop CNC machine is available in a number of different packages depending on your needs offering just a pen, laser or assembly suction cup.

The XPlotter project is now on the Kickstarter and already fulfilled its goal. You can pre-order there. Currently it has $57,657 (1153%) of their $5,000 goal. It is supposed to be in the market starting from $349.

When it will be available in the market, you can then also buy it here at reasonable prices with price comparison.

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